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  • bioswatch bioswatch Jan 7, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    Nvlxisa, why do you assume the readers are stupid & You are the only person not naive here?

    What is with your stupid warnings? the only pump and dumps here were from day traders who pumped Perifosine while almost every long said to only own KERX is for Zerenex alone. They said that all the way back in February when there was nothing to gain by saying it at the time. They were correct and those that held and cost averaged for more shares when Perifosine was given back are #$%$ well. now, it is time for Zerenex to reach fruition. This is a term that jk4863 likes. Longs do not need to pump because they said their piece back in February and they certainly do not want to dump because the CEO has told us he is actively seeking a buyer of the company. KERX is the furthest thing from a p and d except from day traders who tried to pump data and were prepared to bash it after they dumped it. however, CEO Bentsur has shaken off a lot of those day traders by taking his time to release data. Most day traders can not sit still that long and need to be trading so many of them left after trying every gimmick to get Bentsur to release data early for their own agenda. Remember these day traders were pumping so many other dogs like gnvc, AEZS and the list goes on and on. Longs sit quietly and hold for the buyout which the CEO has made several references to over the last few years. So please stop assuming that everyone is stupid and you are the only one with a brain. That begins to make you sound stupid!

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    • That actually is very well said. As a long I had hoped that P would be successful but always felt that Z was where money might be made. As for the CEO I do not have all the confidence in the world in him but believe and understand that he stands to be very successful if Z is a hit and Kerx is bought by a large company. I also believe that he is trying to get a major US company to become interested so there may be some bidding "war" between companies. If you look at the perabola chart which is Kerx you see that it is not only a manipulated stock it is one that is in some interesting portfolios. There are major players who will see their funds make lots of money with a Z hit. Finally with tHe charts it still may be manipulated until I believe $3.16 and after that point will go rather quickly to mid fives when at this point you may see a buyer step forward. If that happens you might have a buyout in the 8 to 9.5 range and some trading above that. Hope I am right as I am long.

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