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  • haltkaldt haltkaldt Jan 9, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    All the fuss about data is stupid. Data is rarely a black and white clear cut issue and usually the company needs to take further unexpected steps to proceed

    I am not sure what the day traders are really expecting data to do for us now. The drug development process will likely continue with some snags in the road as most do. Longs understand this and are realistic. We also understand that the CEO seeks a buyout deal and it will likely come long before all data is final and there is a US NDA. This fuss over data is ridiculous. I may be wrong and hope I am but you will likely see that data will continue to be an ongoing process unless KERX gets some kind of miracle data. The day traders will likely dump and bash and longs should remain ready to compete for shares because a buyout is probably not far behind. The day traders know this but take their chances and act ignorant about the buyout. They also mess up often and lose out in a buyout deal. Longs holding remain safe in my opinion.

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    • The data is all day trader hype. Everyone knows real value 15 and over will come in the form of the buyout. Sure 15 could easily happen on data with shorts covering but from the tone and degree of activity by them here, it is easy to see that they have no plans of covering until the buyout is announced. So of that is the way it is to be, then we wait. nobody gets my shares less 15 or 20 and that's that.

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    • What a great idea haltkaldt! Posting an honest message among all the lies from the day trading bashers who get up in the morning looking to buy back cheaply! Hmmm, honesty, it is a great little gimmick you got going there haltkaldt. What gave you such a unique and novel idea?

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    • We can use a man like you Haltkaldt in the White House. Maybe you could be the one to eliminate all the gridlock. Sometimes you just need to sit back, take a deep breath and stop all the senseless pumping and bashing and just hold onto your shares while you let the story be told. In this case, it is almost certain of a happy ending but only those who do not fall asleep or leave the party early will ever know how happy that ending turns out to be. GL to you buddy!

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    • Said like a real pro haltkaldt. The only reason the day traders are anxious to get data is to further their schtick. They are pumper / dumpers of all stocks, good and bad alike, and use their bashers and bloggers along every step of the game. A game is all it is to them and not an investment as it is to longs. The advantage KERX has over other companies is that the majority of longs are more astute and privy to the ways of the day traders. We have put them in their place every step of the way and after this round of data is eventually released ON SCHEDULE, it will be no different. We will be prepared to ignore the onslaught of bashing, pick up discounted shares courtesy of the day traders and their MMs painting the tape and hold strong through the ups and downs while remaining in place for the buyout!

      BTW, excellent message usual! You said what was needed to be said over the last few weeks now! Keep up the good work!

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