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  • nervous_shorty_nirvana_avanir nervous_shorty_nirvana_avanir Feb 11, 2013 7:55 AM Flag

    Why is jk4763 calling himself principal now?

    How is that supposed to get him any shares. Am so confused!

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    • Smosked him out.

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    • hey fool... im still jk4763... just checking in to see how you 9.90 per share bag holders are doing ? l.o.l now at 6.60.... sit tight for the imaginary buyout ... l.o.l i took my gains and rolled them into trading a few stocks... making money everyday while you clowns hold this..... bwahahahahahahahahaahhahaaha

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      • sold all yours at 2.73 so you said. I love being a bag holder when the bag contains so much cash

      • and of course everybody here bought at 9.90$ - U r such a POS

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      • Sure you did, sure you said the same thing about the $3 bag holders after it dipped from $5. Even you know nothing goes up in a straight line. Maybe you did not bother to see how fast that went to $9.9. That was because of years of manipulation. Keryx has always had an intrinsic value of $15 since the first fast track and before the latest news. If by the next short interest report, there is not a rebound over $10, then we will see heavy volume just before and after showing that the shorts are the only reason for the dip from 9.9 . The volume will be them covering and gong short again and we will point it out to you when it happens. Whether or not they stay under the radar is to important. If the volume appears, it is proof enough they raised their short position, accounting for the pullback, and we are in for an eventual squeeze much higher than the last one. Did you really expect to see many longs sellout under $15 after all these years of manipulation. As usual jk4763, you are a penny short and a day late. Your moronic friends will never be able to cover until you let longs meet realistic targets. $9.90 was not a realistic target. Get with the program. We are in the new millennium and you are trading in post World War Two valuations. Go figure! No wonder you guys are in such a jam. Nice how fast you responded to a message on a board of a stock that you have no interest in, lol! Wake up and start offering some on target valuation or you will never get out of this without facing bk.

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