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  • kerx4sale kerx4sale Mar 11, 2013 12:07 PM Flag


    another set back for AEZS. Holy cow they may be gone soon. Bentsur did a great job to get this #$%$ out of the door after the first failure.

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    • Failure often, fail early, fail cheaply...

    • I feel bad for them but it seems investors have finally realized KERX has not stake in Perifosine anymore.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Many people have the conniving day traders who haunted this message board to thank for losing their money. They were advocating swinging from KERX to AEZS while the longs like haltkaldt, theorothchild and Unibasher warned investors to stay long KERX for Zenerex only and how dangerous it was to flip into AEZS being that the day traders were actually trying to steal their KERX shares and short them in AEZS. If you listened to them and held your KERX through the Perifosine pullback and helped KERX from going to the pink sheets and then bought heavily into KERX into the Perifosine pullback which they predicted correctly 100%, you would be sitting pretty today at $7.50 today having cost averaged in at a very handsome price. Kudos to all of them! That taught us all the value of a good buy & hold and just why flip flopping back and forth from one stock to another is so dangerous. Even had Peri not failed, they represented such a small part of a market that was not lucrative and to risk missing out on a KERX rise, was just not worth it. The longs pounded this into the heads of the foolish day traders that were being conned by the shorts but they just did not listen. This is a perfect example of how flip flopping and day trading could also cause you to lose out on the potential buyout of KERX which most of the same longs who predicted the Peri failure correctly are also predicting the buyout of KERX happening successfully soon. Those with sour grapes are sore losers and only have themselves to blame but instead are joining in on the frivolous lawsuits that are going nowhere which have been set up by the same shorts that lured them into AEZS to begin with! Instead of recognising who the real enemy of theirs is, they are wasting their time with these ridiculous cases when their time, effort and money should be put forth in accumulating KERX long to to only make their losses make but also profit 10 fold. They probably won't though because people always tend to repeat their same foolish mistakes which in this case is being suckered by the shorts who advocating day trading or emphasize trading out at low ball targets of $15 where Cramer's gang is planning to try and cover through subliminal suggestion. Most longs know KERX is worth much more than this and probably three to five times as much! With a good short squeeze like last time Cramer's gang foolishly went short against no_rats posse, you could be looking at another 100 bagger in a bull market with a bubble growing! Heck, a 10 bagger would make me streak down Wall Street fully naked!

        Sentiment: Hold

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