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  • big_money_pills big_money_pills Jun 14, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    Looks like a great bunch of guys at the KERX forum, and KERX looks like a winner

    I've had KERX on my WatchList since November 2012.....and just jumped in today with 31 seconds to go in the trading day. This has all the signs of a major winner here shortly, lets hope it comes through. I just wanted to say this appears to be a great group on here, far different than what I'm use to. KERX = $$$$

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    • Yes, welcome. Many future positive catalysts and a 20% short position. What could be more perfect? Many shorts think that KERX's formulation of ferric citrate is not protectable and that its patents are bogus. To that I say, go check out Niaspan. It generated over a billion in sales in 2012, and what is it exactly? A long release form of niacin. KERX's Ferric Citrate has a proprietary formulation that is difficult to reproduce and is not a salt of ferric ammonium citrate as many shorts have claimed. Propthink did an excellent series on Zenerex, including a detailed investigation of the patents by a USTA patent attorney. This is the real deal. Zenerex should generate 1-2 billion in sales, especially if the CKD data checks out. I am waiting for the day when one of two things happens (or both(: 1)The FDA approves Zenerex. 2)KERX is acquired for north of $20 a share.

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      • I wouldn't put almost 80% of my young Roth 401k's lifespan on it if I didn't agree. Think of it this way. At the minimum, you get a product that is most certainly bound for approval. It met all primary and secondary end points. Could save the government hundred of millions of dollars. Could potentially help those in pre-dialysis. The upside is to the moon while the downside IMO has been factored into the mid 6's. The short thesis is very shaky to me. By the time late August early September rolls around, the fireworks should start to fly.
        My biggest holdings in my individual account, AMRN ARNA and ACAD (except for ACAD) are all going through the same #$%$.

    • Yes, one big, happy, family (most of the time). Looks like you picked a good time to jump on the kerx wagon. Welcome aboard.

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