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  • josephanastasiw josephanastasiw Nov 5, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

    Tomorrows action

    Somewhere between 6-8 million shares and a high of $14.50. Let's see if the pattern continues. How many more analysts need to report and do we expect any new one to initiate coverage??

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    • So far I am right on target!, We've hit 6 million shares already ands we are just under $14.50. Patterns do have a tendency of repeating themselves.

    • I think the price wil stay up here or higher for a while. I think that the ASN conference is a wild card for Zerenex but as a positive one. There will be pharma companies represented there and there will be analysts there for the presentations. Already 2 increase prie targets today after both firm increased their targets last week----that's how good the data is! It usually takes a few days for the dust to settle following blowout news like this and all of the covering firm's recommendations getting to all of their clients. The stock is still nowhere near the next equilibrium point. Hopefully it will continue o run higher throughout the rest of the week and through the presentations. Whatever it does, though, it's going MUCH higher by the end of the year----and NO swoon in December. No tax-loss selling hat's for sure, and with capital gains taxes higher than last year it's better to hold for long-term gains.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • We haven't heard from Stifel, Oppenheimer and MLV. I think there's more though...........

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hard to say... we could see increased short pressure or new bulls, tutes and funds could run it up even higher now that it's reached the $1B market cap. I'm obviously hoping to see the latter of which.

      How many analysts were on the CC and listening in this morning? How many will be at ASN? What is JT going to tell us at ASN? I'd say there's a lot of people out there wrapping their minds around the long term potential of Zerenex at the moment. I will confess that I put in a $15 good for the day sell order this morning for 10% of my shares just in case it took a giant leap. Clearly though it did not quite reach that point.

      NEXT WEEK should be very interesting... after the dust settles.

      ; )

    • To me, this is really hard to predict. The Super Bowl of Kidney Disease Conferences is going on and there are other potential rogue waves out there that could come and really do some damage to the short. The hit peices will start to fly later this week or early next as well. Too many intangibles. Just ride the waves longs, we know what we have here. Just the beginning....

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