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  • josephanastasiw josephanastasiw Nov 10, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    Conference was way over hyped IMO

    I never heard of a conference that was so over hyped and delivered so little. If it wasn't for the Phase II news we would have dropped either way. Has anything come out of the conference that was note worthy? If we get back to mid $14's I would sell and wait to get back in around high 11's or low 12's. There is no reason for this stock to push to new highs the rest of this year. Yeah you can say there may be a BO, nope too early for that. You say Japan approval is imminent, I agree but not until after new year most likely. What else could possibly make it go up in the near future, someone enlighten may if you can. Trying not to be negative but I just don't see the next 6 weeks being nothing but flat lined around the $13 line (+/-) 0.50 either way.

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    • I can understand short term trading this, which overall I am terrible at and gave up on years ago, but two things: 1) The news out of Keryx last week mitigated the conference. We had two news releases that have completely changed the future landscape for this company. 2) You can be out of the stock, which is fine. But if you try shorting here, you might wake up some morning like a VPHM short and find yourself #$%$ in your pants.

      Good luck.

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      • I keep telling you people I do not short. I get out with a profit, wait for the pull back and buy back in. It's that simple people. Shorts actually made what I do possible. Without them constantly pulling the PPS back down from time to time, I wouldn't get what I have. If you think that's shorting than you are clueless. I just have a knack for the charts, understand how biotech works from the trading side and react accordingly. I don't win all the time and I have bought back in at higher levels than originally planned but that's the risk.

    • Joe, this was a medical conference and presentation---not an investor conference. The company was presenting the technical and practical aspects of Zerenex to the doctors who will be prescribing it, and are the most understanding of all of the nuances and details of the P2, P3, and full actions and benefits of the drug. This conference was not expected to have any immediate influence on the stock price, but it will set the stage for the immediate adopting of Zerenex upon approval and greatly shorten the ramp time. Have you ever been to a medical conference--probably not. That's why you have no understanding of what takes place at these gatherings. Their sole purpose is educational. It was not overhyped. This was the largest gathering of Nephrologists in the country, and the company was presenting more data than ever before. If you want to sell and play, go ahead. I can't see the immediate future, and I don't know exactly how long the Japanese approval process takes. What IF the Japanese decision comes in the next 2-3 weeks instead of January? If you are prepared to miss another $2-$4 pop(minimum) then sell and sit on the sidelines. And with 5 price upgrades by some large and broadly followed firms there will still be continued demand for hte stock which will help to keep the price stable or, hopefully, raise it back up and force more shorts to cover.

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      • MGM, I do understand the purpose of these conferences. It's just that so many people seem to make them out to be something they are not. I just verbalized it for what it was. A $2 pop is nothing because as you have seen first hand with this stock, in less than a week we went from $14.74 down to $12.16. That's over $2 in a weeks time. See it does correct it self regardless of news and upgrades. If I would have sold say at $14.50 (which did not) because I did not hit my sell target, I would have an entry point that's 18% better. We are still going to close the gap at $11.10 and know one will convince me otherwise. It could happen in the next two weeks, then it's time to buy more, NOT NOW!

      • Stock will meander thru the 11's up to the mid 13's. So what! I have believed in Zerenex from day one and when stock meandered from the 5's thru the 6's I was happy as it was up. It has kept doing this and during those times I enjoy the silly banter on this board. If Zerenex had a successful conference it will have been in peaking nephrologists interest in following this drug. It is way to early for some CEO to spend over $1B on a company so no big news till approvals come. Patience and get interested in other investments. Eventually the real longs will have a great pay day. Think about how you are going to spend or invest your profits but don't worry about the shorts doom predictions.

    • Wow, your investment horizon is just six weeks! It's really hard to compete with you.

      I tell you the next big and last thing for KERX is whether or not the FDA is agreeable to do a P3 in CKD. If that is positive, the company will be sold in a blink of a second. There is absolutely 0% risk a P3 will fail with all these positive previous ESRD and CKD studies and excellent long term safety (OLE).

      I don't mind if you sell and watch from the sideline while I will stay tuned and have fun being inside the rocket when it launches.

    • joseph_analstew confirmation that not only is he an a.s.s.s.hole but a douche bag as well. ("This will stay around $13 + or - .50 but I'd sell ...if we get back to mid $14's" ......What??? LOLOLO!!!!!!!!

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      • It seemed like a lot of people were expecting a quick run up to $15-$17 level which never happened. Since the "short term" catalysts are now over for a while, why sit and hold just to watch the PPS meander between stagnant levels when you can get aggressive on a weekly basis, buy and sell and increase your position WITHOUT always spending more cash. That's my whole point! I am not afraid of missing something because I was temporarily out of the stock, so what. This business happens in cycles so if you miss one, there always will be another one following.This is a long term investment. I just accumulate shares my way which allows me to use my free cash for other things. If you don't like the way I invest, tough. It works for me and that's all the matters. Right Petey!!

    • Riveting sure are all that and a bag of doritos

    • Gee I don't know....maybe all the upgrades into the $20's with more to come.

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      • You know as well as I know that those numbers are released just to attract new money in hopes of a quick run up which allows shorts a quick profit off of the weak. Until Japan's approval we settle in the mid 12's or so. Even when it happens a 40% increase is still only mid $17's. We will need US approval to break $20 mark which still close to 9 months from now. I can double my share position between now and then and reap a huge payday on the markets money not mine between now and then.

    • "Why can't every stock I own go up 15% every day?"

    • You're like the impatient gardener, you want it all now. It cannot be happy hour every hour.

    • Nice soft bash. How has this conference delivered "so little" to you? What were you expecting from the conference? It is to spread the word of Zerenex to others involved in the field. It will have longer term rewards. For you to expect some huge rally from it was foolish. You of all people shouldn't be that dumb. Especially since most of the presentations were on a Saturday....

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      • I wasn't expecting anything from the conference, it's all the others on the MB that think it was going to be an event. People think that Ron was going to announce a BO or something like that. These are for PR only and very rarely do they yield anything that is not already known. I've learned over tome that these events do nothing short term at all.

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