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  • boar211 boar211 Apr 20, 2008 7:53 PM Flag

    Reason for weakness

    And I thought US media were bad in making everything a scandal. UK tabloids must have a heavy legal bill if they all write such inflammatory articles.

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    • I lived in England for several years .. And do have to say that the British daily papers are more like the 'Enquirer' or 'News of the World' here in the US.. They really are more a form of entertainment than news vehicles... I'd say that the Daily Telegraph is a better paper.. More akin to the Chronicle or New York Times than the rest... If you'd like to see what the British family gets to view at the breakfast table, you can check out a description at Wikipedia .. Just type in 'page three girl'.. Or you can view an online sample at:
      Then just scan the page for "Page Three Girl"..

      If you look through the rest of the paper, you can kind of judge the quality of British tabloid journalism in general..

      Thx jegan ;-)

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