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  • harold33272 harold33272 Mar 3, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    New To the ATTD Board

    surfcity061 ... I too have been thinking about getting into this stock. Not much, but an 'investment' of roughly $10-14,000.00, or enough to buy 2.5 to 3 million shares. The only reason why I'd be willing to do this is because "if" and I stress "if" this stock can get up to even $0.05-$.10 a share, the needle moves quickly with 2.5-3 million shares and it would obviously give me a tremendous return. It's a situation where you're swinging for the fences, sure. But a risk perhaps worth taking.

    surfcity061, here are my concerns ...

    1. There was a lawsuit against ATTD's CEO when he was CEO at BRAVO, a company that went bankrupt, as I understand it. There were accusations that he and his management team were not transparent with shareholders, to the extent of withholding declining distribution numbers. That, to me, is a serious concern, if even a fraction of those claims are true.

    2. How does that news impact the company's ability to go out and do business with other prospective partners, distributors and prospective finance mediums?

    3. Does the company have the torque to facilitate rapid growth, should it come, and if not, does it have a backup plan to secure additional financing, other forms of money and or secure a joint venture partner?

    4. What is the current, true, stated numbers of the company now on its balance sheet? How far do they need the needle to move in 2012 in order to stay in business? In other words, are we looking at boom or bust in 2012, or can they survive into Q2-Q3/2013 even with slim revenue intake in 2012?

    I think these are valid, reasonable questions. I've thought about calling the CEO and talking to him and I may just do that. But again, he is a former CEO of a company with a similiar product that went bankrupt and subsequently found itself in a lawsuit, with himself on the receiving end of a lot of claims. So my point is there is a credibility issue there. Perhaps that's unfair, but in business, that's the way it is.

    Just my two cents. I do indeed have interest here, but as a major-league, swing for the fences, spec play. And nothing more. I'm just trying to see if it's worth the trouble, even after my additional due diligence.

    All the best.

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