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  • waterdist69 waterdist69 Mar 15, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    Addressing Negativity

    Taken from iHub. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    "Addressing the Negativity.

    I always wonder what compels others to post crap about a company on a discussion board? If they're so against a stock/company, what would cause them to continuously post negativity? Is it their "good nature" trying to save us all from losing our money?

    Bottom line, I can care less if you buy into ATTD or not. Check the history, do your DD, and realize that this is a company still in its infancy stages. The Debt acquired is NOT going into anyone's pocket like some may want you to think. CEO Roy is not profiting off of the shares that are being bought.

    It cost $$$ to market a product, advertise, hire sales people, try to obtain endorsements, not to mentioned mail "Free samples" to you all.

    Have patients folks, the online sales are already exceeding the entire online sales from last year and we're barely in March. By the next 10-K report, I predict (could be wrong) that this will be at the .05 level, or if not, on its way soon.

    I'm posting this because I am excited about "my investment". I don't care if you buy into it. Least I will "NEVER" waste my time posting "negativity" about a company. If I did not feel good about Attitude Drinks, Inc., I simply would not waste my time and be here posting. Makes you wonder why anyone else would feel compelled to post negativity. Perhaps they have a "motive"....."

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    • People post negativity because it comes with the territory genious. its a message board. this is not an investment its a gamble. if you want to invest go by silver.

    • Omg, you hit bashers and the real point right on the head, dead center! you summed up how ! feel as well. nice post. Im buying more if i can at these lvs. GLTA!

    • I couldn't agree more my friend, thank you for talking the time to share your opinion.

    • There are two things preventing me - at the moment - from getting into this stock.

      1. Roy Warren's past with Bravo and the litigation he was involved in.

      2. I wonder how long can Attitude Drinks go if it gets modest to virtually no sales revenue of note in 2012. In other words, if sales are far below the expectation of management, is 2012 do or die for Attitude Drinks, or does the company have the torque to stay in business through mid to late 2013?

      "If" the company can stay afloat through mid to late 2013 even with modest earnings in 2012, I'm leaning towards getting in, and only because we're talking about a stock that's sitting at $.0038 a share. The likelihood is that it will go up to some extent, given that it's here at roughly a third of a penny now. So from that standpoint, there's minimal risk and obviously high reward.

      This is a major league spec play, a swing-for-the-fences play. But investing even $5-10,000 is a lot of money to me, personally, and I'd still like to get some more intel on this company before jumping in. I have a call into their offices. Hopefully I'll hear something soon. Apparently Warren was out of town all last week and again some of this week.

      I will say this. The product in and of itself has gotten very good reviews. Seems to be merely a matter of it getting increased visibility and gaining traction in the marketplace. I don't think we're dealing with a product issue here. So that's a positive, as far as I'm concerned.

      Just my two cents.

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      • Harold,

        Valid 2 cents worth. A smart investor will take their time and get all the facts situated before investing money at anything. You're already winning their as my friend Charlie Sheen would say.

        To address your concerns with the litigation concerning Roy Warren's past with Bravo, there are NUMEROUS lawsuits in and about companies, CEO's, possible securities fraud, etc. You will "Never" know the true facts to those allegations, however you can verify that Roy Warren is NOT incarcerated, He was NEVER found guilty of any of those allegations and/or made to pay any fines. So therefore if he was guilty of wrong doing, he would have been made to pay a fine or penalty.

        Unfortunately, we live in a lawsuit frenzied country with allegations flying in all directions. I'm not saying that Roy is squeaky clean, I personally never met him, so I cannot pass judgment at his direction, and until I read about him having to go to jail or pay fines by court order, I will not speculate further on the topic.

        #2 regarding finances, revenue, etc, that is certainly the question to be answered. All I know is we have a product, Phase III, with great reviews, some are saying its way better than Muscle Milk, etc. The company is working on distribution, marketing, and making allegations that online sales are positive. Let the revenues generate this year and come time for the next 10-K, we're hopefully going to see some pps improvements.

        Good luck with your decision and investments.

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