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  • romeol_19 romeol_19 Feb 6, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    stop buying its a scam

    yes, the product is real but the shares are not. roy is just trying to make a few bucks as he did with (Bravo Brands - BRVO) then he will let the company go bankrupt. look up the previous company he owned and what he with it before starting Attitude Drinks. SELL SELL SELL before you lose all your money. look at other message boards... they are running from this stock!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Do some research Roy was long gone when Bravo went bankrupt. Your just putting out false information. Once the debt holders are done converting the dilution should stop. Roy said he will only issue what is needed to keep company running. Cash flow positive expected by years end. The only way that is going to happen is if the product goes national.

      This is a risk/reward play, take on the risk and you could be rewarded. There is always a chance to lose money but I don't see it happening at these levels. It can only go up from here.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • It will only go up once they have the pump company! I did my research and I found many many more negative news about roy! Roy was CEO of Bravo foods... It was his company... Once he saw there was no more money to be made he left and brought alll his patsy scheme hoodlums with him to ATTD... Look it up Geezus! Its all there... Even if there is cash flow, roy will make up a way to take all the money. For example, lower the shares and take the company private!!!!! Roy had even said once the 5Billion shares have been reach things would be back to normal and all the investors will be paid. But lord behold he approved an additional 20Billion more! And he is using it. The ASK is at 600MM WOW!!!!!!!!!! Didn't he not say at 5B everything will stop but now is past the 5billion mark and still going nuts. ATTD is just a buy and sell quick market. Buy at .0001 and sell at .0002!!!! THATS IT!!!!!!

        ATTD is a risk/reward play, but you should play it smart... YOu are not looking to lose your money, right. With ATTD you are!!!

        I was a believer for years and I"m trying to help out my fellow investors to buy carefully with this stock! If you can, buy at .0001 so once the pump company beggins pumping sell everything!!!!!

    • You are right, but they will hire a pumping company before they steal everyones money! I see a lot of huge orders go thru for .0001 they will pump it to at least .02 before this is done!

    • So you can buy buy buy cheep?

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      • its all ready cheap... silly!!!
        i cant post a link to other message board because it will be deleted but look at other stock message board and see what everybody else are saying. do some real DD... the debt roy had with bravo food he transferred it to ATTD and so on... this stock is a sad strong sell! I bought in at .0002 and sold at .0002! no reason to stay! it will go bankrupt. I give it 2 years when this happens!

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