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  • richard_velasco74 richard_velasco74 Feb 20, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    To All ATTD Investors, there is still hope and ill tell you why? Read Pls...


    Yes the recent Q10 just came out and it doesnt look good. But have you guys notice, theres no way the recent Q10 included the most recent new distributionships and the new sales it will accumulate for the near future. Phase III doesnt have too much competition other than Muscle Milk and a few store-brands. But Phase III is still unique within its ingredients. I promise you the product is good, its just the people in control who are creating the failure. No matter you have the best product in the world, but failed in marketing and advertising/networking than this will be a different story. If its true the owners are incompetent or even corrupt as many say Roy is corrupt, so instead of babbling and crying, imagine if each ATTD shareholder took matters in our own hands, Imagaine the thousands who own ATTD shares just finally bring the word out ourselves, letting our local stores like Walmart and Rite-Aid, to 7-Eleven to gas stations, to GMC to Bally's Fitness, even your local gym like YMCA or Karate centers to your local sports club...Facebook to Tweeter, if we all have a hand in this...maybe, just maybe, our thousands to millions of ATTD shares will be worth more that sh#@$..... But if Roy is not corrupt but telling the truth that successful companies usually start off near bankruptcy and dillution in order to survive till the revenues start moving up..then lets support him. For all those that dont believe, then stop buying shares and just hold to what you lost anyways...but those that believe, we just have to wait till the sales start coming in at same time, lets start spreading Phase III brand name and spread it so much, others will start going nuts hearing that word Phase III.....

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    • i'm totally confused, I thought for sure every share holder would have sold what little left they had after reading 10Q, I thought there would have been a billion shares traded today and we had one of the lightest volume day in a while... I wonder if this was a scare tactic by Roy cause there was really nothing encouraging about report and yet there wasn't a mad exodis. So either everybody felt it's down to far to worry about selling or the 20000000 share order what was never filled was Roys order at .0001 he plans on buying cause he know more then what he their saying in the report. I think this thing is going to spike cause Roy is a shruede business man that continues profit from things other then his products. We will all see soon and hope you all recover cause I don't think this is over just yet!

    • Richard,
      you are clearly a "glass half full" kind of guy.
      This company has some deep issues and it will be a miracle if it doesn't tank. But, we all pretty much knew that already, didn't we? When you have a decimal point and several zeroes in a price that's a tip-off that a risk is being taken.
      Today I can either sell my 4 millon shares for around $800, or keep holding and hoping for progress. I don't need the $800 that bad, so I'll stick.

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