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  • snogreen snogreen Feb 10, 2003 5:11 PM Flag

    Randal Kirk.....SCIO and SCLN

    way to go SCIO dudes. I do not know which I like better....the fact that all of you scored big, or that you TRASHED the shorts w/ 10.5 million shares short. That's tough.

    Anyway, a couple of you have posted on our SCLN board. Give a look if you wish. You may remember Randal Kirk here. Bought 2 million SCIO less than a few years ago. All around the $4 range. He got a solid ten bagger....but lightened up a bit along the way. And let a bunch out at $30-$33. Still had just under 500,000 by his last SEC disclosure.

    Anyway, one of your posters wanted all the DD in a few sentances, for was my simple reply:

    <<Sorry you lost in SCLN earlier, but patience pays off bigger. Ask Randal Kirk.

    He bought 2 million shares of SCIO at around $4, less than three, or so, years ago. He sold some at $18.....he sold another bunch of SCIO at $30-$33.......and last filing with the SEC, he held just under 500,000 left of SCIO. If, and when, he sold we do not know.

    Kirk sold some SCIO to buy more SCLN. This summer he bought another 1.1 million shares (scln) at $2.60. He also has a couple million from when he was buying in the mid $3's to low $4's.

    Very similar story here as SCIO.

    Ask yourself, both SCIO and SCLN traded in the $2.50 - mid $4 range when Kirk was lurking and buying. WHICH company did Kirk believe in more?

    Answer?????? SCLN. Not only has Kirk bought MORE shares of SCLN in just pure numbers (2 million SCIO, versus over 3 million I believe of SCLN).......ALSO, Kirk now owns about 8.4% of all the oustanding shares of SCLN. Kirk was not that high in percentage terms.

    Randal Kirk has a bigger bet anyway you look at SCLN......and he had a TEN bagger in just a few years w/ SCIO.....wonder why he likes SCLN more - in the sense that he ownd more shares of SCLN, than he ever did in SCIO? And yet SCIO was still a ten bagger?

    Kirk is not one to dismiss lightly. That is pretty good DD for you.>>>>

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