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  • goady727 goady727 Nov 8, 2010 3:16 PM Flag

    What to root for regarding CIGX

    1. USPTO reexamination process complete, patents upheld, RAI begging to settle, royalties from Star Cured process rolling in.
    2. Oral Argument date in CAFC
    3. Judge Marvis Garbis sanctioned for clearly erroneous opinion that took an unprecendeted 2.5 years and was ultimately wrong.
    3. FDA approves Modified Risk Labeling
    4. Nationwide roll out of CIGRX based on promising results from test market.
    5. Anything and everything regarding RCP-006
    6. Roskamp speaks
    7. Johns Hopkins speaks
    8. More insider buying

    9. Short Squeeze
    10. Buyout or Partnership for large scale Pharma deal

    Is that all, well this is a hell of a lot more to root for than any other company I ever seen!

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    • Happy Thanksgiving! You got your No. 2. Now what about No. 1 for Christmas? Seriously, what is happening with the USPTO? Does CIGX still have patents or what?

      • 1 Reply to sigmundxavier
      • The patents are in controversy in two theaters: USPTO and CAFC (appeals court).

        It would be stupid for the USPTO to go ahead and rule on patent validity, since, if they disaproved, the matter would ultimately get appealed to that same CAFC.

        I have believed all along that the USPTO matter would be delayed so as to let the CAFC go ahead and decided what it may/will on the matter of patent validity (if anything). In fact I have speculated that Star's attys' "goof" last fall that delayed the USPTO examination by 10 months or so may have been deliberate (if not, it sure was stupid) to delay that process.

        You can see what the CAFC is being asked to decide re the patents if you read the Star briefs in the private group in "Files".