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  • Izof_texas Izof_texas Jan 12, 2012 8:05 AM Flag

    Crohn's case update

    Very briefly, the young lady who was facing possible surgery to remove parts of her colon due to Crohn's who has been doing well since she started Anatabloc last October 5th is still doing well (and loving it).

    Her doctor had her scheduled for an endoscopic exam this month, but has decided it is unnecessary at this time and has put it off "for several months", at least. Aside from drug and emergency room costs from episodes there's another big savings on treatment for her insurance company.

    I had "gently suggested' that her mother inquire about the doctor running sensitive C-RP tests to monitor how well Anatabloc was doing its job ... but he refused. "What does he [I] know?", I guess. It's never ending.

    I'm guessing people like that won't think, "Wow, I should try this on come of my other Crohn's patients", either. Hopefully SOME DAY it will sink in ... with a vastly improved or clean endoscopy or something. Frustrating.

    Oh well ... at least WE KNOW there are a lot of happy people out here/there ... and the numbers are growing daily.

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    • It may be partly my fault that you have the problem and just misspelled it : )

      I have a tendency to put in an "e" (also) ... it's nutraceutical, like nutrition. So I've misspelled it here several times.

    • This morning I had breakfast in a group which included a man nearing 70, a U. S. Marine officer in Vietnam, who now suffers from Parkinson's Disease. Across the table, he mentioned he had lots of drugs circulating through his system. It finally gave me the opportunity later to tell him about AB. He was very interested and asked me to write down the internet address for him, which I did, and I invited him to check with me my email if he needed help finding info.

      This is not always the response I get. I've recommended it to others with serious health issues (lameness from gout, MS or similar), and have had polite or impolite indifference.

      As I've mentioned before, an older friend with back pain from a car crash from ten years ago told me yesterday she is taking up golf again. She's the one who took AB info to her orthopedic doctor and he was very interested and later thanked her for it. No further feedback from him since then.

      Izof, thanks a lot for keeping us informed. It makes this a very uplifting experience for each of us to share in your achievement.

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      • It is disconcerting at this stage, but mainly in terms (to me) of the missed opportunities to help. As I explained in the earliest posts on this, I actually ordered the Anatabloc for someone else with Crohn's who was "interested" and with whom I exchanged several emails. This person in the end opted for her doctor's offer to put off surgery: $1000s in drugs to destroy her immune system every Sunday (when she's off and can rest due to the sickness THAT apparently causes).

        Then the family of this other person got interested and here we are. The indication of what kind of hump we have to get over, here ... and it's JUST a "hump" ... is that the first person has known about the second's success, now, for 6 weeks ... I mean not just through me/family but person to person ... but she STILL won't try Anatabloc.

        HOWEVER: I am 100% confident that THIS PERIOD/SYNDROME WILL PASS, folks. Everyone who has benefited from it KNOWS THAT. The rest can (and will), at this point, believe it or not.

        The point is, exactly, that it IS hard to believe. It's what everyone has wished for medically, and here it is, and for "a moment" (right now ... the last 4 months) most "won't believe it". THAT WILL PASS, and is in the process of passing.

        On another topic, I appreciate the kind words of those who have given complements. I in turn constantly try to thank all those here (mainly) who flesh out the details of all of this. It is a shame that anyone fails to appreciate the wonder of the fact that seldom, now, does a day go by that some sharp eye doesn't spy a new aspect of what is in progress here.

        We are ALL deeply deeply in the debt of those persons. I have some advantage in terms of longitudinal perspective, and so I (now, especially, with so much new turmoil in my life) to a great extent just act as a "stringer" for their catches, trying to help piece it all together.

        Not a day goes by that I do not wonder at the accomplishments of all these working, SHARING people here ... who, every day, reaffirm the notion that the biggest and best successes are cooperative ones; and in such an effort we all wear the same badges: "WINNER"; "FRIEND".

    • the.familyman Jan 12, 2012 12:57 PM Flag

      Also Iz - Are these parents members of a Crohn's Association? There are several such organizations in the US. This family needs to be sharing these results with others who are in this situation. These groups are a way around the intransience of the medical community.

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      • I too, am hoping that the word will get out organically through individuals sharing their experiences with support groups for the afflictions Anatabloc has been reported to help.

        I have done some searching to try to turn up these kinds of testimonials, but I haven't been able to find much that doesn't appear to be a cut and paste job anywhere except on Star's facebook page, here and other financial forums. The one TV story about the lady with fibromyalgia is the one news item that looks to be genuine. I am unmoved by celebrities in the absence of testimony from regular folks.

        I want to believe. I have some shares and I want more if this is the real deal, but I am holding off until I see some more evidence. Maybe it is just still too soon, but I would think people who have been relieved of suffering would be crowing about this. Perhaps I have overlooked something.

    • the.familyman Jan 12, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

      Iz - "I'm guessing people like that won't think, ‘Wow, I should try this on some of my other Crohn's patients’, either."

      It is unconscionable that this doctor would still be recommending surgery after seeing this result. Yes it is a one patient sample. But with results that significant, to not pursue it further is almost criminal. One thing I know for sure, if you do surgery on my child and then I find out that you knew about a possible food supplement alternative but said nothing – you are NOT going to like what happens next.

      I know that everyone does not have the self-confidence necessary to speak truth to power, but I hope that this parent will find the courage to ask that Doctor if he has recommended that any of his other patients try Anatabloc. If the answer is "No", then the next question is, "So you are still sending people to get life altering surgery without even suggesting they TRY Anatabloc first?" Maybe he’s not too jaded to be shamed into doing the right thing…

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      • the.familyman Jan 13, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

        You know, this has me thinking about the tremendous opportunities being created in the legal field. I almost went to law school a few decades ago, maybe it's time for a career change.

        I would love to argue a case to the jury where an egotistical doctor, "cut the guts" out of a child without informing the child's parent's that Anatabloc might be a non-surgical solution.

        John Edwards made a fortune and built a career on a case where a company did not forsee the possibility that their pool drain might suck a little girls guts out if she sat on the drain. In this case, the doctor would have deliberately "cut the child's guts out." How much worse is that?!

        Come to think of it, I would settle for being able to sit on that jury...

        Mostly felons - You're already an attorney, maybe you will want to refocus your attention on medical malpractice.

    • the.familyman Jan 12, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

      I like the term "neutraceutical". I'm just never sure I spelled it right... :-)

    • talk about bad dr's

      My Mom just got results back and her rate went from 17 to 16 so great news. She has come down from the mid to high 20s. Again, 15 is normal or ideal so the progress will seem smaller but she is at a level that is great and now its a matter of maintaining this (or slightly improving). She is still taking 8/day. And she says her arms/legs feel great; just a reminder, her disease basically cuts off circulation of the blood so it becomes very painful for her to walk/move her arms. Thanks again. Will keep you posted when she gets tested next month.

      So glad to hear that she is doing well. Has her Doctor asked her about the product ?

      yes he has and my Mom told him and he is one of the few doctors who said, "i don't know if its that but your levels are improving so keep taking it..." whereas my father's friend, who has early stage alzheimers, has been taking 8/day and his doctor said his symptoms are gone. He then told his doctor he has been taking 8 Cigrx/day, his doctor laughed and told his wife (caretaker) to throw them in the garbage. "Pure placebo effect..." Lots of these doctors are idiots

      What is the name of the disease your mom has ?

      sorry was out all day. Takayasu's Arteritis.

    • I'm wondering if anatabloc could possibly slow down HIV from becoming full blown AIDS.,, I've been reading that in the absence of antiretroviral therepy the median time of progression from HIV infection to AIDS is about 9 to 10 years, and the median survival time after developing AIDS is about 9 months.,,It says once the number of CD4 T cells per microliter of blood drops below 200, cellular immunity is lost...I;m wondering if Anatabloc could extend the time of progression past the 9 to 10 years once HIV is detected...

    • I am so happy for your results. I think we should not refer to anatabloc as a drug.Supplement does not do justice but maybe a new term like health beneficial aid or something shorter would be in order. Drug has a negative connotation.

    • thanks for sharing, izof.

      i submit the doctor you speak of does not relate the young lady's improvement with the anatabloc she is taking. unfortunately, due to unbelief, he has a different theory on the cause of her improvement, or else, he has no explanation whatsoever, yet at the same time, he will not entertain the possibility of the beneficial effects of anatabloc.

      he's unfamiliar with it and it's natural...therefore, it's NOT what helped her! to even fathom that the patient helped heal herself! how absurd! NO, it was something else...something unknown...

      humility is a rare find.

    • You literally just need a person, parent in this case, to insist, period. The days of Dr. Knows best have ended in so far as they are God.
      But, yes, I understand well how some are still unwilling to 'buck' the Dr.

      Too bad in this case.

      Great job though, Iz.

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