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  • pcallicoat pcallicoat Feb 6, 2012 12:33 PM Flag

    Negative MF article this AM

    I looked up the author(Brian D. Pacampara
    )who's claim to fame is:University of Western Ontario, CFA Level III Candidate
    Oh brother,run for the exits! Like he's a candidate for a certified financial advisor,from a loser school.Look at his picture:not one wrinkle,wet behind the ears and obviously really smart,that he's paid to pump or bash stocks all day by MF while he's going to school.Laughable but there are those who base their investing on such specious "annalysist" (pun intended).

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    • CFA level 3 candidate is a big deal. Yes, a loser school, but the CFA isn't the series 6 or 7. I'm a part of the CFA program and know that there is strict bylaws pertaining to ethics and communicating to clients. He could be kicked out of the program for breach of duty. CFA's are held to the highest standards when communicating to investors.

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      • All articles are opinionated, will have no effect on anything. The author is not giving specific investing advice to any specific investor and as such can't be held liable for his opinionated statements, the article is his viewpoint opinion only. The problem here is that Motley Fool's standards of printed material is very low and besides Motley Fool has investment interests in competing companies and welcomes any negative opinions of companies other than their invested interest.