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  • xxxscoutxxx xxxscoutxxx Sep 7, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

    Anatabloc and memory.

    I am 70 and have been on Anatabloc sense it came on the market. My memory and ability to recall is greatly improved. Has anyone else that is a long time user of Anatabloc noticed an improvement in their memory and recall?


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    • Scout, I hope it helps with spelling, bc you have "sense" instead of "since" (LOL) I too have been taking since Aug 22, 2011. Helps with back and pain. Had three back operations and two knee operations. I am 48. Played Div I AA football too. Have not had any improvement in memory, but overall mood is better since I am not in as much pain. This CRP is HUGE. This is going to be the money maker for this once the PROOF comes out.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Can`t say that I've noticed a dramatic improvement, but I can say this much.

      A few years ago I started taking ginko biloba in hopes of improving my memory. It didn't work, but that arguably was my fault. I kept forgetting to take it ;o) I am not having that problem with anatabloc, I take my 6 lozenges a day without fail. I've been taking it since it was available for shipment to Canada, which (if I recall correctly!) was about a month after they began marketing it.

    • Yes, many as reported here, there, and everywhere. I too. Some with Alzheimer's have also made that claim (thus the clinical trials ongoing for efficacy in Alzheimer's).