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  • a_brown3 a_brown3 Nov 15, 2012 2:11 PM Flag

    Is It Just Me?

    is it me, or does anyone else go through phases as price continues to drop:

    begin very calm...moderately calm...a touch nervous at silence...a bit confused at continual drop...perplexed...annoyed at manipulation and other...upset...frustrated...start praying...disbelief...nervous with continued silence/gag/confidentiality...pray harder...start eating whatever you yourself into regaining calmness...begin laughing out-loud deliriously like a madman at the price drop for no reason at all.

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    • a_brown, you just expressed exactly how I feel, in perfect succession too! LOL!
      Apparently, you are not alone! I (we) pray it gets better.... and SOON!

      Keep the faith (and hopefully our sanity and financial well-being)

      Very best to you!

    • drives me bonkers! i was actually sitting at work today and everytime the price would drop (because i can't stop watching!) i would ping a co-worker to inform him. his response: "dude, are you sick... i think you've finally lost it."

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      • Yep, can't say NASDAQ doesn't know what it's doing.

        Can you imagine you hanging on every minute all day if it were a real market and, instead, the bid-ask was $1.60 - $4 and there were few or no shares traded? No worry (would be the likely conslusion) ... it's still a $4 stock, just nobody buying today.

        This game is the same gaming of a system that that guy did with credit cards in the '80s that made everyone credit card junkies.

        You have to look out for what is real and what has been "gamed" to make you make more transactions, each one of which is skimmed for someone else's profit.

        For these two systems, use your credit card like cash (pay off every month), and research stocks, find good ones, and buy and hold (keeping an eye on them of course).

        Works for me.

    • I try to avoid that by realizing this.

      On a given day, if there are 50 people selling a stock (investors AND SHORT SELLERS) and there are 5 people, AT THE MOMENT say, who want to buy it, the stock price will be very low, especially in a market where there are people DEDICATED to making sure that the stock is continuously either buying or selling (it's called NASDAQ).

      In a real market, like your supermarket, "the product" would just sit on the shelf, the "regular price" still on it, but it would simply sell very little. There would "be a big price spread" and volume would be near zero.

      THIS market is DESIGNED to make you either worried or joyous ALL THE TIME ... because THAT keeps stock trading and THAT is how "THE MARKET" MAKES MONEY. They make nothing if a stock just sits there and has a big price spread and few trades ... so they do all kinds of tricks ... TRICKS ... to make sure that doesn't happen.

      I guess people would feel better about holding on if the bid were $4 and the ask were $1.60. Then one could know that next time news brings in new interest, the balance of buyers and sellers will change and VOLUME would go up.

      Look, this is a popularity contest ... but it's done DAY TO DAY. A real market would be volume-centric to measure "popularity" of a particular product on a particular day. If weeks went by and few sales, THEN the price would likely creep down. However, the supermarket would not make much money on that product in that time. NASDAQ doesn't like that plan ... so it's designed to try to measure popularity of a stock on any given day more by PRICE, NOT VOLUME.

      Star stock is not very popular TODAY ... THIS WEEK ... etc. NASDAQ wants a low price on it to convey that so you'll sell ... because that's when their member dealers make money ... only when a stock is selling, one way or the other.

      It's the longer term trend that is more important, and yes, with the lessening of the expectations RE tobacco, that has been down. The stock needs to unload those who see it only as a tobacco story or mostly so. That is taking place, and, in my opinion, the NASDAQ scheme is designed (plus the ridiculous concept of selling stock one doesn't own ... try that with cars or anything else) is designed to accentuate the effect that process has on price.

      We have to let the tobacco interests exit and then the stock will begin to be evaluated for the anatabine product potential (and actual). This process takes time. During it, by design, the stock price will dip ... and go up and down and up and down. That's how "they", the members who make up NASDAQ like it, because that is what makes you buy and sell and buy and sell ... all the while transferring part of what would otherwise be YOUR wealth ... TO THEM.

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      • You are such a tool!!!! You hurt a lot of people with your bullsheit. You are so pompous and you refuse to stop!!!! You make us sick and a lot of smart people who view this board are in the medical field, and have learned to see you as the biggest scam artist.

        When will you finally leave this board in disgrace??? You are a disgrace and I don't know how you live with yourself. You act as if all that you have pumped in print in the past is ok and was the truth. You have been dead wrong and have posted enough dribble to fill two phone books. Seriously dude, you have generated over 4000 pages of wrong advice over the last two years that I have been reading here. .

        You are the #$%$ of the earth, dude. A vapid and empty being totally lacking in insight and perception. You are not stupid, but lack all common sense. You are the quintessential dangerous long!!! I feel sorry for people who have followed your advice and lost investment money.

      • After reading what appears to be a lady off her meds blabber it is obvious you all are brainwashed.

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    • Roses are red , violets are blue , i'm already bald , or i'd be pulling my hair like you ......

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I felt really sick too. A really great idea is to get outside and go for a hike. That always helps. Just remember what Great Products they have..... This company is my Gray Horse in the Race. Plus, I figured I was in for the long road anyway ----- right:) Go with a five year out look and go relax and have a nice hike.

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    • because shorts say that they must complete its action in a few time when all have not clear what is happenning.And sure the management have helped them with its relief about cash position when other raise before the cash and after they inform the market.Sure to pay the raising of the cash but shareholders doesn't pay the thrilling to go out of cash that is more devasting.What JW and mr Perito must do now is to rise immediatly cash for at least one year of financing if they want to stop this mess.

    • I am with you bro'
      Wish there was another way to invest in anatabine. This company sucks. Hate them. But I know that I will love them someday... someday... so frustrating to see pps plumbing new depths even as supposedly "good" news has come out with more "great" news (from JH) sure to follow. And knowing full well that there is more to the Reynolds deal... but they won't even throw us a bone.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • It's not just you. I am struck by the speed at which this seems to have all come apart.