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  • waltses waltses Dec 18, 2012 12:41 AM Flag

    I Was There, too.

    I got back late last night from my trek to the ASM along with some sightseeing in DC. Since I'm not too adept with the keyboards on my Droid and Kindle Fire, I was glad to see Fyreball do such a great job of relating what was said during the meeting. I can say I came away as enthused as ever to be part owner in the company.

    Before the meeting, I sat down at a table with a couple of other guys to fill out the pg for question(s). I saw that we were limited to a single question. I suggested to the other guys that since it's just one question per person, let's get together so that we could be more effective and not ask duplicate questions. They said they were putting down all their questions. I said OK.; I asked 2.
    (1) When will the confidentiality part of the agreement with RJR no longer be confidential?
    (2) Can we know the sales numbers and how they're broken down between the website and GNC?
    My first question was the second one that Ms. Tuck read. My second question was never brought up. It was mentioned that A bloc was available in 4000 GNC stores, but how much they contribute to sales was not talked about.

    Mr. Williams said the main focus is to bring the company to profitability. He said that if they just continue doing what they were doing the margin would increase. I think profit margin was implied if not actually what he said. (I sat in the 2nd row and was having trouble hearing. Sometimes they whispered.) That brought another question to my mind. I wondered just as soon as he said it if that was just because the litigation costs were going away or was there some other driver behind such a statement.

    The Co. will defer to peer reviewed publishing to debut the JHopkins results. All Mr. Williams would commit to that was that it would be SOON.

    Concern was expressed for the possibility of a huge spike in demand for product, given the trials results about to be announced. Mr. Williams was quite confident with the inventory that has been built. He said we are ready for the huge wave of demand for product that he sees coming.

    These were the main points I took away from the meeting. I'm glad I went. I'm glad to have met the company principles, even though I had to strain to hear what they said. That's about all I can add to what Fyreball's said.

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    • fyreball, thanks for your response.

      Just looked at the 8-K filed today, 12-18-12 and it has the entire breakdown for the vote count on all of the proposals.

      Broker non-votes are handled differently depending on the type of stockholder proposal and I have to revisit those rules to better understand exactly what the results were.

      However, my concern is the size of the broker non-votes, some 52% +/- of the over all votes tabulated. That number is huge and my sense is that I don't particularly like it.

      Thanks again for your reporting on the ASM and have a good evening.

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    • OK fyreball, thanks for your feedback.

      90%+ for each proposal is a surprise to me. Can't believe that more stockholders didn't have a problem with the compensation proposal(s) and the common stock reserved for options, etc., proposal(s).

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    • Anyway, were the voting results on each of the Proposals published or announced at the meeting?

      I would like to know the results on each proposal and how the broker ( non-responses ? ) impacted the vote count.

      Thanks in advance.

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    • My thanks too, to the two of you.

    • Waltses will sit in the front row with me next year!!! :) We heard much of the same....

    • Have tried responding 4 times now. They gave out full size samples of both the pills and cream and had plenty for all.

    • Waltses is right, and will sit with ME in the front row for the meeting in 2013!! Day--they gave out full size samples and brought plenty for all. Study is complete and they are analyzing now. I got that Star would announce, but JH would provide all the details in a peer reviewed journal. They are able to reach the intended audience more credibly. I think we will get data soon. Soon could be before year end or early 2013, no one committed to anything. My big takeaways were the exit from tobacco sales and affiliation (done), release of the study info which could open up MANY MANY new doors in autoimmune studies/uses, a new formulation/stronger dose? coming out in the next quarter or so, heavier focus on athletics, gaining profitability in 2013 a priority. This is my 3rd attempt to posting this, if it doesn't work I'm done!!! REALLY, Yahoo?

    • Waltses post is right on par with mine. Waltses will likely sit at the front for the next meeting with ME! :) I realized the same thing last year, have to sit practically in their laps to catch everything...and even then...!! Points on profit margin are also what I heard, their main focus now is company profitability and they feel well positioned to get there soon in 2013. They did bring samples and urged everyone to take them. I was the last one out so I was able to take a few more than the "one per person"--they weren't cheap with them either (full size AT Bloc, Full size cream)--I would have loved to grab for all of you who couldn't make it, but could only carry so much. I have sent cream to Izof as he has been my inspiration on the board for as long as I have invested, and I had really hoped he could make it to the mtg.--will be interested to see what he thinks. I have been using the cream now for 2 days, its REALLY nice. I don't have any major "issues" so not sure I'll see any huge difference, but we'll see. They DID report on how the voting went on each issue, all the "fors" were in the high 90 percentiles. There are many more trials going on than have been formally announced. There is actually a trial going on with the cream too by a dermatologist--don't have my notes in front of me but it was to be a two month trial I believe. Not one that will be hugely broadcast I don't think--more for selling to other dermatologists with results (IMO). As for the study results--the study HAS concluded. Many eyes are reviewing the numbers, they are unblinding it, analyzing, etc. My notes say Star will announce study, BUT JH will do a peer reviewed journal which could take 2-6 months to get out with all the details out as they are better positioned to reach doctors and pharms and provide the needed credibility. So now I'm confused as towhat Star will or will not announce. It seemed clear last week, but now I'm not 100% certain. They WERE very clear about the botched PR being a major embarrassment and their full comitment to NEVER having THAT happen again. The sports angle could be HUGE. Especially because athletes can take the product even when they are competing and it doesn't show up as a performance enhancer. They can also take it at a younger age without all the nasty side effects of aspirin and other medicines (e.g. liver damage, kidney, etc.) Expect more on this in the future. VERY soon, I think we will see the new formulation come out as dosing seems to have been something they were working on and is a priority. My sis asked about A n a t a p u p. And I told Jonnie we were giving it to our dogs, hence the question. That's not high on the list but is on the list. It was at that time he told me to keep giving my dog what I was but that the dosing would change next year. You guys are asking GREAT questions, some stuff I never even considered!!! I will say that I felt they were VERY forthcoming in trying to answer ALL questions. There's stuff they CAN and cannot say obviously, but I felt they were making an effort to ensure everyone left feeling confident that their questions had been addressed (if not fully answered).

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    • Let me add my comments of appreciation to both of you, waltses and fyreball, for being our eyes and ears at the SHM. Great work and much appreciated !

      Make a mental note for next year for us to hammer TT, ETAL, about having proper audio amplification at the meeting. Nothing irritates me more, in the meeting space, than not being able to hear the speakers, or if questions come from the floor, the person asking the question.

      Anyway, were the voting results on each of the Proposals published or announced at the meeting?

      I would like to know the results on each proposal and how the broker ( non-responses ? ) impacted the vote count.

      Thanks in advance.

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    • Thanks, Waltses, for sharing your view of the shareholders meeting, greatly appreciated.

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