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  • jfrs95 jfrs95 Dec 19, 2012 7:07 PM Flag

    11/30/12 by Adam F. "I'm bullish on Amicus Therapeutics(FOLD), " Good Call ADAM!!!!!!!

    Let's not forget this one lol "@adamfeuerstein Well I guess I'll come out and say it now: I WAS WRONG ON $ARNA Congrats. They did a good job today"

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I can understand the frustration with AF, but taking pleasure in his missed predictions is just silly and childish. He certainly was not the only analyst who was high on Amigal. IMO..As for Star, is it so hard to forgive his skepticism? He was correct in attacking the infamous PR, and now we hate him for not jumping onboard the STSI train? I mean, "the greatest discovery since antibiotics" is a big pill to swallow, no? The more time I spend doing DD on STSI, the more I become confident that the risk /reward is a net gain positive. This may possibly be an investment to rival Cisco in in the 90s, but let's not scoff at other bright people that raise an eyebrow at our claims, and let the studies speak for themselves....soon, I hope:)

    • this guy represents the worst kind of fraud scammers in the entire market. Its only a matter of time before someone links his hijinks to some scandal like the schwab/options express debacle. This idiot gets brown bags full of cash from people who are either short and want a stock to tank, like star OR scammers who are long a dog , ie: fold and need to dump shares. This #$%$ cost investors million and millions of dollars every month.