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  • jmnotechie jmnotechie Jan 7, 2013 10:26 PM Flag


    Can somebody remind us of the potential revenues of antebine based on the thyroid market?

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    • From Nuke John at InvestorsHub's STSI board:

      "Thyroid Revenues alone will shock the market. Otis Bradley's STSI report has a 2013 earnings estimate of $1.50/share, and he based his estimates only on the thyroid market and the diabetes market. When you add the Alzheimer's market, and all the other conditions caused by Chronic inflammation....he may have underestimated by a factor of 2.

      Stop and think about it.... 1% of the US population could be taking Anatabloc by the end of 2013. Just about anyone over 50 is a potential customer. Anyone with any illness associated with Chronic Inflammation is a potential customer. Athletes who work out (and want to train harder) are potential customers. Anyone with a family history of heart disease or Alzheimer's is a potential customer. To put this in perspective, there are about 35 million Thyroid sufferers worldwide and approximately 350 million people with diabetes. Once it becomes clear that Anatabine citrate is a safe treatment that really works...sales will skyrocket. The list of human ailments that could be successfully treated with Anatabloc goes on and on.

      Buying STSI at prices below $5 will look like a gift by the end of 2013. Smart institutions will be loading the boat over the coming weeks. Also, be aware that big sharks may be looking at STSI as a hostile takeover candidate. I hope the company can remain independent at least for a couple of years.

      The Thyroid ASAP study is just the beginning. "

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    • I heard that Sales of A-Bloc have jumped 700%, But let me caution you all, that's just a rumor and I have not independently verified it. BUT, if true, the SHORTS will be sucking wind...but I frankly like the SHORTS playing their games and allowed me to swing trade our little stock and made me princely in a sense I will miss them devils...

      ..but like I said...MAYBE....more news is coming
      Who knows!?

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    • See Gilford Report, current estimate of earnings for 2013 is $1/share. Sorry, Yahoo won't allow link.

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      • Gilford's revised Nov 5 2012 estimates for 2013 is now $1.50/sh with revenues of $400 million from Thyroid and $200 million for Diabetes. So, with 146 million shares, total profit would be about $219 million. If one used the average PE from Fidelity's Biotech index of 21, STSI could be worth $32/share if earnings projections are realized using the average index.

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