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  • mick188125 mick188125 Jan 8, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Can someone explain why were not above $5 today?

    We had the best news to hit the drug sector in years-- this is game changing. It at least doubles the market cap for STSI. Huge break through in treating thyroid conditions. The only thing I can think of is that the news has not really been reviewed by the street? I guess it might take a few days?

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    • Star Scientific doesn't make any money. Can you tell me why they should have nearly a one billion dollar market cap, as your question suggests, today as a company that doesn't make money and never has. (there have been some small periods where revenue has grown but never net income) Investors who are looking for companies valued roughly at $250-$400 million in market cap have a much better opportunity set available to them. Internal studies are one thing but business is about making money and they simply don't do it.
      I invested a while back for two reasons; a pharmaceutical development regarding alzheimers, and a tobacco settlement. James Altucher wrote an article saying that Star may have found a cure for Alzheimers and Paul Perito referred to the tobacco patents being defended in court as their crown jewels. Neither of those things have panned out, at least not yet. I suspect that neither of those things are even on the table at this point. A drug that addresses thyroiditis might be nice but that is probably years away.

    • dtanger Jan 9, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

      Nothing here but dreamers ,schemers and lazy dice rollers ... Come on 7 come on 11

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    • Too many shares. Product is not a Pharmaceutical, yet. 6 months.

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    • The sales and earnings(losses) are small relative to the market cap. WS needs to see rapid sales uptake accompanied with earnings that are going to give it a decent PE. Star may be getting to that point. I hope JW and his investor's stock buy isn't a pump fake. Someone said around 700/day is the break even point. A clarification will come out in the next qtrs. earnings report.

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    • I dunno, big boys dumping into the hype? Just a thought

    • Because they still need more studies in the FULL report. Another Mishap by JW and they have no idea what it will do as far as revenue. Also, Anatabine can be bought by anyone and what is to stop BIG PHARMA from going out and start to mass produce this and cut STAR out completely. You cannot patent chemicals, I said this back a while ago.

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      • You can patent the use of a chemical - it's called a "use patent".

      • And as far as revenue goes, david, they will continue to sell more and more anatabine compounds, both in supplements and as a drug (with a use patent on using isolated the s-(-) isomer as a drug), to improve everyone's health and treat diseases, such as Alzheimer's, MS, TBI, thyroiditis, arthritis, rosacea, Crohn's, macular degeneration ... on and on ... in fact likely most or all auto-immune disroders.

        You're the one that has no idea.

      • As always you have no idea what you are talking about, then and now, david, and you refuse ... or are unable ... to learn.

        Again there is such a thing as a "use" patent (ASIDE FROM the synthesis patent, which is in theory vulnerable to another synthesis path) for naturally occurring chemical compounds. Star has HAD use patents, issued in early 2000s (the last in Aug. 2005) for using the MAOI property of anatabine to treat disease for years ... and in fact those are what led to the present venture. See patent 6929811 for example from Aug. 2005.

        Now Star has obvious priority in applications for the SAME KIND OF patents (USE) regarding the newly discovered anti-inflammatory property. There is no reason to believe they will not get patents issued for this parallel property TOO. Do you get the similarity? Do you understand yet? Star HAS patents for one in-vivo manifestation of anatabine use (MAOI), and now they will have patents for the in-vivo manifestation of the PARALLEL property of anti-inflammatory action. Is that simple enough?

        Isn't it a waste of your time to gab on about things you don't know about ... and keep getting pointed out to be wrong? Learn something. Then let us know when you do.

        Your statement, "You cannot patent chemicals, I said this back a while ago" is wrong on every level. One cannot patent a naturally occurring chemical such as anatabine because "nature" owns the patent ... BUT one can patent novel uses for such. One can't patent "diamond" (a form of carbon), but one can patent its use for a stylus. On and on and on.

        One CAN patent novel chemical combinations ("chemicals" that are not naturally occurring) of natural chemicals ... there are thousands of them. For example, from Wikipedia, "Kinetic Chemicals patented the new fluorinated plastic (analogous to known polyethylene) in 1941, and registered the Teflon trademark in 1945."

        So why are you so proud to announce your ignorance of such things ... repeatedly?

      • So the July 26, 2012 PTO patent issuance for Rock Creek's synthetic anatabine is what in your mind? you might believe it to be limited in its enforceability,but just make sure you present all of the facts before you put out garbage. Otherwise you are no better than every other emotional "I think I am smart enough to move the market" poster.

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      • HA you have no clue do you.

        Star has a patent on a process to produce anatabine synthetically. Can someone develop another process, perhaps but so far no go. To sell anatabine in its natural form cannot be patentened but the synthetic version can. Star has filed for use patents - to treat diseases with their product. Didnt know that did you.

        As far as JW screwing up, what exactly did he screw up? He is waiting for publication of full results in a reputable periodical so that results can be peer reviewed.

        You really are clueless - come armed next time before you post.

    • This is not an FDA approval and as such we are in uncharted territory. Its going to take a bit for the medical community to accept it as a result. Once the data is published, it will go a long way towards acceptance. Also, Star is already trading on many multiples of current revenue.

      My thought is that in the near term, Star has a better shot at improving revenues based on signing a big name Sports figure and market Abloc as a workout product rather than on the medical side. Longer term, once data is published, and once Star announced they are going for FDA approval, then the medical community will take more note. That announcement of the first FDA trail will be nice news to hear.

      Also lets face it, Wall street knows Star as a tobacco company, not a bio.
      Its going to take time for word to spread - that means opportunity now for long term if you believe in the science (which got a nice boost of validity today)

    • time for word to spread, time for quantitative results to be given, peer review, shorts, etc. over 99% of the u.s. has yet to hear of star or thyroid results...and while great, still preliminary.

    • the.familyman Jan 8, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

      I bet that 60 to 70% of the volume is more short selling. They know if the price gets momentum to the upside they are in trouble.

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