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  • joebernini joebernini Jan 17, 2013 10:23 AM Flag


    It looks like STSI is in the Elevator and is beginning its descent.....If I were you...I'd wait for it until it gets down to the bottom floor around $1.65-$1.70 /share and then load up and ride the elevator for the ascension ride.......

    As much as I think the stock will eventually be a good investment, riding the elevator now and thinking it's going to the top floor may not be a wise move. I have been swing trading our problem child since March of 2013...but lately the trading patterns have changed I noticed and swinging it have become much harder. Unless, Star made some announcement strong enough to reverse this down trend!

    Of course, eventually they will but right now, no tell when.

    Devotedly in Swing Trading


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    • Joe for those who have been here for a while KNOW that YOUR CALLS are not ACCURATE and that you have BASHED in THE PAST!! This SINCERE ACT, is a Nice Touch, BUT... coming from YOU, No Thanks! :) I remember than You and DRUM are The Same! Nice TRY though! lol

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      • mfr1968,

        Thank you for your polite response, but I am not who you assume I am. One regular poster on this board whose name I will not reveal will and can vouch for me and clear up the mistaken identity you and others have out of fear concocted as an act of conjecture.

        I, like many sincere longs here was truly hoping for a life changing experience when I was fed premature and what I thought was unequivocal information!

        Shortly after I found out that the rumors I heard will not come to pass for a while, I began swing trading STSI since March of 2012 and never looked back, it was all courtesy of the SHORTS.

        They have been the gift that keeps on giving. Lately however, it's become much harder to swing it and I have moved on to other equities doing the same thing. That said, I am a believer in the science and do think that Star will have its day in the sun but it's hard to tell when, ergo the reason why I keep my eyes and ears very close to the ground. In fact, less than a week ago I thought we were heading back up....but as you know this stock is highly volatile and been a moving target.

        So, I cannot change your heart or mind but I can only state the facts.


      • "by joebernini . Feb 22, 2012 3:35 PM . Permalink Go to topic

        You are about to be treated to the mother of all upside NEWS on CIGX, you didn't even dream of. Between now and 6 weeks there will be breaking news that will take the stock to over $50/PPS. If this does not happen within the time frame I am predicting, then, you can ridicule me, mock me,and you can even cast me as an idiot. I am staking my reputation on this,

        Are you ready for the mother of all investments, to bank 20X+
        your investment?" -- This was in February. Outstanding Call Joe!! lol

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      • You also know that my name was used by others with different spelling too...but I am not going to waste more time on this...the facts are the happy

    • go ahead and add me to your list of wacos. but first, allow me to add you to ignore.

    • LOL

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