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  • madbulldan85 madbulldan85 Jan 18, 2013 6:21 AM Flag

    AnatablocTrial - 253,525 UNIQUE VISITORS in December - this is fantastic!


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    • very strange: I keep posting to this thread and they just disappear.


      If you use quantcast they have the figures at a more believable 25+K per mo and growing rapidly. I really doubt the "compete" #s. I'd be happy with either, but I think quant is more believable.

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      • i think you're right, izof. i hope the compete numbers are correct, but i believe quantcast numbers are more accurate. huge difference between the two, i must say! it appears compete added an extra '0' or something somehow. but even quantcast numbers are impressive:

        sep: 485
        oct: 4655
        nov: 25,220
        dec: ???

        on the other hand, quantcast does not yet show december numbers, so it likely is substantially higher than november. either way, word is spreading exponentially.

      • Izof,
        please notice that the data on quantcast is not updated - the 25+K is for November.
        this is still not the same as "compete", and i hope "compete" is right :)

        BTW, the facebook "like" rate on the AB site has grown since the Thyroid Human initial results were published... from a rate of 60-70 likes a day to a rate of 300-400 a day. hope those aren't fake likes.

        Cheers mates!

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    • I don't know which is right but another source, quantcast, divides those figures by 10.

      I'd still be happy with 25,000+ a month and rapidly growing.

      250K+ sounds too high at this point to me. Don't have time to investigate further.

    • Question Why or Why does not the company announce free samples for each month?

      Why or Why does not the compnay announce/report unit product sales to show ramp up?

      Is Anyone Home????????????

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      • "Why or Why does not the compnay announce/report unit product sales to show ramp up?"

        Not sure what that means. I don't think they do ... do you? Then that is ...

        Perhaps because their goal is not to prop up your pps today, but to "win a race", long term.

        If one is smart and hawking a new product, perhaps, instead of going "ape chit" all day every day, pointing out how good we are and how many more people love us every day, instead one quietly goes about securing the largest possible loyal customer base before possible competition arises. I approve VERY highly of the latter approach. You want to gain a large enough following so that cooperation, rather than competition, is the more inviting prospect.

        IMO it is such unproductive, and counterproductive, shortsightedness to constantly urge that this fledgling company concentrate on nothing so much as TODAY's pps (or tomorrow's). How well they run the race here is a long term affair, and success is gauged by the NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS, not day to day pps.

        The "ramp up" is the RESULT of, probably, mostly interpersonal good will sales, not the cause of it.

        At some later point "millions of people have gotten help from Anatabloc" may be appropriate, but I don't think we're there yet. That comes when one has a large (larger) and loyal customer base.

    • Post a link please. Thanks!

    • imagine 50,000 of them start using Anatabloc... and it goes like this every month... crazy!

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