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  • chilrum chilrum Jan 30, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    My comment on the The Street article...

    I guess this is what happens when you hire a political science major to write for your blog, or whatever it is that The Street is supposed to be.

    Yes, I am being flippant in calling The Street a blog. But, apparently Adam (and I guess rightfully so) thinks that the supposed journalism published on The Street is on par with the hundreds of authors that publish on Seeking Alpha. Does he really think that any company, in this case Star Scientific, has a responsibility to follow whatever is written about the company and correct and amend the comments that are made; does anyone really think Seeking Alpha is much more than a glorified and loosely edited message board?

    Well, anyone other than Adam, I guess:

    "I'm happy to see Star come clean on the controversy. For its next step, the company should write a letter (or three) to Internet stock promoters Dr. John Faessel, Patrick Cox and Gilford Securities analyst Otis Bradley. All three men continue to mislead their followers and clients about the non-existent Star-Johns Hopkins relationship. Or, is Star only perturbed when someone writes critically about anatabine?"
    [The second paragraph from this article]

    I think what Star Scientific might have been "perturbed" about is the puzzlingly illogical statements you made where you accused Star of misleading investors about the involvement of Johns Hopkins University in your article from January 23:

    "Manti Te'o isn't alone in concocting imaginary relationships. So, too, is Star Scientific (STSI), which has misled investors about the involvement of Johns Hopkins University in the clinical testing of the company's retail nutritional supplement anatabine.

    Star Scientific and its Internet stock promoters want investors to believe that Johns Hopkins has been actively involved with, and even supportive of, anatabine's clinical development."

    The reason these statement are so puzzling is that two paragraphs later you go into detail about how Star Scientific DID NOT in any way, shape, or form imply that Johns Hopkins University was involved in the study:

    "Ladeneson's real job is director of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He's a thyroid disease expert. Why did Star Scientific omit Ladenson's academic affiliation from its Jan. 7 press release?"

    You follow this up with your answer:

    "Likely because as Desmon made clear, Ladenson's role in Star Scientific's anatabine thyroid disease study had nothing to do with Johns Hopkins."

    And also quite likely because Star Scientific did not want to mislead the public into believing that Johns Hopkins University was involved in the ASAP human thyroid health study.