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    Anatabloc is the real deal

    I want to take this time to discuss my opinion about Star and Anatabloc. I am close to the situation and have been an investor back when Anatabloc was just a concept. Since then, Jonnies team figured out how to effectively take this medical break through technology to market. They have accomplished so much in really a short period of time. They now have a retail partner with GNC and two well known product brand ambassadors. In addition, they have advertised on radio, news papers and television. Thousands of people are benefiting from this science everyday. I am close to some of the medical investigators and surgeons and can assure you that this product will be considered to be one of the top 10 medical discoveries this world has ever seen. I personally know dozens of friends, family and co- workers who are benefiting from this product everyday. Low grade chronic inflammation is proven to lead to most auto immune disorders. Anatabloc turns back the clock and reduces the negative impacts associated with low grade chronic inflammation. Top athletes are taking Anatabloc everyday because they perform better and feel better. Sure, there have been some set backs from skilled professional "shorters". It's what they do for a living and its unfortunate. However, they cannot short the clinical advantages of Anatabloc. Their goal is to interfer with success and try to discredit it anyway they can. Divide and conquer is their tactic. It's right out of the liberal play book. If you are one to believe everything you hear on CNN or someone who voted for Obama, then you probably believe the shorts because you don't think for yourself. There is not much anyone can do to help you. However, everyone else please understand that this product works and it would be a financial mistake to sell your shares. Right now is an excellent opportunity to buy more shares. Remember " fortune favors the bold". I have witnessed some good people lose serious money because they panicked and believed the negative liberal spin. If you don't believe that this product works I suggest you go to GNC and buy a bottle today. You will be amazed how good you will feel pain free with vigor. The reason why I am posting this is because I am tired reading all the BS from the shorts. Trust your judgment in buying this stock. Don't let someone else think for you like CNN and Obama do everyday. Trust your swing and get ready for a good ride northward. Stay thirsty my friends. Believe!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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