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  • stsiroxx stsiroxx Feb 3, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

    Idiot shorts active tonight!! They must have taken anatabloc!!

    Or is it the same a hole that logs in and logs out using all of his I.D's because he has no life?

    Interesting question eh??

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    • It's so blatant that he changes id's so that he can hit the thumbs down on posts as if it's not easy to spot. When or I should say if ever he stops lying he might get a following but i only hear from him thru his new clones. Promptly ignored of coarse.

    • A more interesting question is to what extent will Star go lower? Allow me to render my views.
      1. Star's credibility has been devastatingly besmirched by the recent Street article and the highly influential Mr. Feuerstein.
      2. Star's initial rejoinder was highly ineffective resulting in a more devastating rejoinder by AF essentially accusing them of deceitful actions, in effect a fraudulent crime. This would invite a lawsuit because if untrue, this is highly and intentionally defamatory and requires redress. No lawsuit? Then one could reasonably assume that there is some veracity in the accusations. This would be devastating.
      3. So far the silence is deafening. If it continues, then the stock easily breaks the $2 barrier and heads to the mid-ones. The stock could likely settle in the $0.90s and might be a good candidate for some quick money on a mini-bounce before it heads to oblivion. That is the more interesting question in my view.

      Care to modify your view in light of the above?