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  • cigx1967 cigx1967 Feb 4, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    finding discussions like this all over the net

    Psoriasis and Anatabloc

    By sandwichfarmer · Yesterday at 2:11 pm · 2 replies
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    To start off, I am a 25 year female that has had psoriasis for the past 14 years. It started as small patches but continued to spread over the years. I mostly have spots on my elbows, in and behind my ears, scalp, and torso. I have tried many topical steroids and creams to reduce the inflammation and irritation with little to no success. I haven't had any sort of injections or oral treatment, but I am trying to stay away from those.

    I started taking Anatabloc in March of 2012 and I can say from first hand experience that it does help a great deal. The large spots that I have had for years have reduced in size and have significantly less scaling. What scales are there are really thin and not as noticeable. What is also really interesting is that the spots don't look as "mad" or irritated as they use to, but are instead quietly diminishing. Now this being said, this isn't an overnight process. It took several weeks for me to even notice a difference and months for the spots to reduce in size. Some of my larger spots I have had for years, and I am happy to see them diminish in size rather than grow. Where I noticed the most significant change is new spots of irritation simply do not exist. During the winter months I normally have a pretty significant outbreak and so far this winter, nothing.

    One thing that is also incredibly interesting, it may or may not be related, but when I was 17 I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse. I also had endocarditis at one point. When I went to my cardiologist in December of 2012 for a check up. The valve was no longer prolapsing, or folding backward. After several tests, it was determined undetectable. Interesting, but like I said it may or may not be related. The only thing that has changed in that time span, was taking Anatabloc.

    Best of luck to everyone, I hope this helps to some degree.

    For those who are wondering-
    I'm currently on no prescription medication
    I take 2 Anatabloc tablets, 3 times daily

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    • It sure is easy to find a place to share. The other day I just googled "prostate forum". Turns out you can add the word forum to any of the affliction searches. and find a place made to order. "Inflammation forum" Some of them are big and have search capabilities for their threads. I try to do a little each day, time permitting. The product works so well it is always great to share.

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      • persyst- Very glad to hear you have had so much success with it yourself. Thank you for all your time and efforts.

        I am curious of any feedback you have gotten from your forum posts. Do participants on the forums look into the studies or GNC testimonials [are they still gone from when they had the dose change, bummer if so]. Have any tried as a result of you or others posting and gotten back on results? Thanks in advance if you have time.

        I had an interesting result the last 2 weeks. I have not had a cold in years, though use to get them frequently. I had to stop the abloc because it opened my sinuses so well [:))] I could not stop them from draining and around patients that was not good. I had to take zyrtec-D during the day to dry them up so I could work and the abloc only at night. Now over the cold I still find it opens the sinuses so well I take only 2 during the day or they drain too much and 3 before bed. Off the zyrtecD now, yeah!

        So many huge areas for abloc. When more find out it rids tooth sensitivity and grows super hard nails and healthy skin that alone will be a massive market.

        Our Lab has been great and is over 10 now. Best health he has been in and he gets 1 am and 1 pm with his food, 75 lbs. Energy, enthusiasm, coat and attitude all stellar with him and we had almost lost him from an idiopathic large stomach ulcer 2 years ago pre any abloc.

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    • I have a question and a point to make. First the point. Many people who are getting the most benefit from Anatabloc are taking larger doses. Indeed, the whole marketing plan is for a major increase (50%) at the same price. I am not recommending larger doses than those suggested, but if I had a serious problem - ESPECIALLY ALZHEIMER'S - I would e taking more than 6 - 8 (of the original configuration) a day.

      Now the question. Have any of you folks suffering from psoriosis taken the Anatabloc cream, and if so what kind of results are you experiencing? It may e that a combination of the pills and the cream may e the most efficatious?

    • She might try higher(3x3) dose, temporarily, to see if it does better work.

    • Very informative and encouraging post cigx.

      Have you seen any similar comments re: the A-bloc creme?

      Thanks for finding and posting.

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    • The whole purpose of anatabloc is to reduce inflammation. I started taking it in hopes it would slow and hopefully stop my psoriosis break outs or progressing. There was no significant difference on anything in the first month, so I wouldn't say it made it worse in the beginning. My skin was how it had always been. My psoriosis just slowly became less irritated and the patches have become smaller over the time. It is significantly less noticeable now than it has been in years. For the last 14 years I was treating the symptoms topically rather than addressing the real issue; the inflammation.

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      • your story and hers are identical to mine- I have had psoriasis most of my life- I have not taken drugs for 20 years for my psoriasis- I accept a certain level of it since way better than when I was younger-- I am very healthy which has really helped it over the years- but I have large patches on elbows and knee- I have been on this product since November and it is slowly making my patches smaller- and less scaly- I have to pinch myself when I look at it- I am so use to seeing large red patches on my elbows and knee- it is amazing- no doubt it is making them smaller and less red and less thick-- I will not stop taking it- it is doing something but it takes time-every psoriasis sufferer needs to try this for at least 90 days, maybe more, and see what it does- I am small and take 6 to 8 per day- I keep making my husband look at them- because I can't believe how good my sores look

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      • I have noticed that since I have been reading this MB, A-BLOC has not made any difference in your native intelligence. Mebbe you could tell us what yore IQ was before taking A-BLOC and what it is now. No cheating. I might believe an increase from gnat to crustacean intelligence where you are wary of boiling kettles.


      • Dear Cigx1967,
        As you are most likely aware the real hidden problem of Psoriosis that being the expression on the surface of the skin is the tip of the iceberg. Arthritis that can result in the joints where psoriosis persists is the future of the silent localized hyper immune response. We take so much for granted daily. The fact out skin is the largest organ of the body constantly calling on the immune response to deal with all of our daily activities and due to be it genetic, environmental or medically induced malfunction of the immune system it is a amazing that finally someone has created a product to deal with these problems such as psoriosis from the inside out after all we shed our skin..... Best of health!

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