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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Feb 5, 2013 4:42 AM Flag

    Highest Reported Order # as of 0440EST on 05 February 2013

    Latest reported order #: 93095 (4 February at 2200EST)

    February total orders to date: 1888 [444]

    February average daily orders: 482.0 [531.2] (divisor = 3 (days) +2200/2400 (hours) = 3.92)

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    • cdalbora Feb 7, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

      Hi Chipper, where do you get all the order numbers and information? And has the sales really been increasing that it will make a big difference in earnings report coming up? Thanks for your reply

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      • Hi cdalbora,
        The order numbers I report on daily (to the extent possible) come from YOU all on the board, who report their STSI web site order number when placing a new order. These numbers turn out to be consecutive in nature, and so that helps us track the volume of STSI's online orders. We do not have any useful data on GNC orders, other than that provided by (guess who) YOU all who report your GNC experiences when buying Anatabloc. Some folks will notice the stores are out of stock or speak to sales clerks who relate the volume of sales at a particular store. We also do not have data for other sources, such as Amazon.

        To your other question: Yes, sales have been increasing rapidly. Look at the latest post on "Summary data for 2012/2013 by Month, Quarter and Year" and you will see healthy gains in the last 6 months. As to what difference will these sales make in the upcoming earnings report, do a search for "expected Q4 revenue" or similar phrases to see what some posters think the company might report (and what factors will influence the quarterly EPS).

        In short, collectively we band together to provide as much data as possible to the board, so that each person can use the data to form their own opinion as to what to expect in the next earnings report. If you have questions after reading the posts I've pointed you toward, please ask.

    • Sorry...can you please explain the difference again between:

      "1888" and " [444]"

      and also the difference between

      "482.0" and " [531.2] "



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      • jcmeredith,
        meh76 was correct in saying that the brackets in my daily reports contain the previous values from the last update. It's a way of seeing if we're in an uptrend or downtrend.

      • not chipper, but pretty sure the bracket indicates where the number was at the last report (which in this case was for Feb 1)

        so our February orders as of the prior report were 444, and now have risen in the 3+ days since to 1888

        February average was 531.2 orders a day as of last report (which really only covered a few hours on the first day of the month), and after four days of data now stands at 482

        So thus far February has confirmed the large jump in orders that began in December

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