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  • morgana3661 morgana3661 Feb 11, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    Anyone watch Dr Oz today

    He talked about how CRP level cause Heartattacks

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    • Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 were found to lower CRP by an average of 30% in research with baboons fed a high fat and high cholesterol diet.

      2) Vitamin C (1000 mg daily) in human research reduced CRP levels by 25%.

      3) Krill oil (300 mg daily) taken for two weeks in human research reduced CRP by 30%. Krill are marine crustaceans (similar to tiny shrimp) whose oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), vitamins A and E, and the antioxidant astaxanthin.

      4) Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits daily can lower CRP levels by an average of 30%.

      5) Regular, small amounts of dark chocolate can reduce CRP levels by an average of 20%.


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      • U R SUCH A BUFFOON or a bugs bunny would say what a maroon. The amount of fresh fruit and vegetables I consume weekly exceeds 99 dollars. I also take 100% of the prescribed amount of E, C, A, All theB's D, I take krill il daily, plus minerals I wount bother to list. A bottle of each costs more than 10 bucks each so the 99is also exceeded. And even with taking the vitamins and minerals daily nothing has had the effect that ABLOC has for reducing the inflamation and improving my overall heath. so get off your BS and just go away,

      • 1st its $80 a month not $99! so you are already off with your comment! 2nd let me know how much chocolate and which vegetables to consume to keep my psoriasis in check! 3rd dr and let me know what happens when mice eat chocolate all day and make sure u send a few cases of godiva to roskamp to start a new study! i hate commenting but on occasion people just wanna bash the co. and product! product is growing and works! good luck shorting

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    • (Finally a chance to check in again for a few).

      Ummm hmmmmm .... and THAT, folks, is "the 'statin' " connection. Statins don't work because they lower cholesterol (a side effect, often too much) but because they are modestly good anti-inflammatories (see spacedoc dart calm) ... though not as good as A'bloc.

      It will take years of trials and experience and reports, but it's coming ... the biggest drug market of all times.

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      • Bump...

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      • So now you are still promoting this mint. And you are responding to Morgana. And you are repondiing to a "Dr Oz Today" banner, like it is ok. Well it is not OK!!!! Dude, you have hurt and deceived a lot of innocent people here, including Morgana. You need to really reflect on your path, brother. Let's go from Dr Oz, to the Wizard of Oz. Your narcissistic postings here remind me of the Wizard. Only, the wizard was exposed to be an imposter. Dorothy, with the help of Toto, pulled back the curtain, and revealed a small, man, a manipulator--a pathetic narcissist, full of ego.. What are you, Izof?? When the curtain was pulloed back, Dorothy was showing the realm of a narcissistic tale spinner. You and Jonnie share the same qualities. Do you think these references in literature are there for no reason?? I just sit back and watch. But I do think when the time is right--you will fall along with Jonnie. Look at Norbert, have you no remorse??

      • Your resident scientist is checking in today, under his own name, I might add, darling

      • He also said imflamation and the skin thing (I Know I will Spell it wrong) pscroiss
        All raise your level for a heart Attack and I almost forgot lack of sleep.
        If you read all the things a-bloc does We all should be taking it to prevent heart attack like aspirn everyday.
        And yes I do take it everyday.
        Now anyone know how to get Dr. Oz to look at A-Bloc.
        I think because it is only sold at GNC will be a problem because he had Walgreens on and said they have a partnership.

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