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  • bullrun7772013 bullrun7772013 Feb 14, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Is this Right?

    Not letting me post, but just want to know if the below is right?

    Ok, for the ones with the put options with strike price at $2 to get screwed, the price of the stock has to be over $2 at expiration on the 3rd friday of the month, right? But, I see a lot of 100 and 200 share transactions on the time and sales. So, does that mean they are exercising their option to buy those puts? If that's the case, then they basically got to buy at a cheaper price than other people. Also, if the price is below $2 tomorrow, they end up with shares short right? So, I guess let them get the short shares and burn them later. But, if something should happen tomorrow, the put options would expire worthless, and the MM's can make a lot of money doing that right? So the only way those with the put options can win is if they are in the money tomorrow, exercising those options and ending up with the short shares, and then subsequently the price dropping further? Thats a lot of stuff to happen, their has to be people out there who won't let that happen.

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