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  • joebernini joebernini Mar 18, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

    Drummy's take on Star's Report

    The problem I have with any report issued by Star is that it is unaccompanied by any commentary by management in the form of a CC. There are no opportunities to ask questions and examine the competence, motives and transparency of Star. That just has to be a huge issue.

    The second point is that Q4 does not matter so much anymore. The reason is intervening events. The big one is the huge price reduction. That, in my view, is a key issue that needs to be questioned. Why the discount, and why now? As I have said ad nauseum, if there are disorders like thyroiditis and ALZ where there are no acceptable alternatives, is a 200 pill ct bottle at $79.99 too expensive considering the alternatives? There may be patients that are harder pressed financially and Star could show some altruism in giving them some consideration in return for suc h patients doctor's recommendation that yes it was discussed with the patient and we agreed go ahead and try it. Star should get something back in return. But a whole scale across the board 2 for 1 discount just smells. Something tells me they are not happy with uptake and are using a well worn discounting versus value sales strategy hoping they can make it up in volume. It is a very dangerous strategy and devalues a crown jewel asset just like management did with tobacco.

    More important is what is gonna happen going forward. For that, Star management needs to be questioned. Otherwise, Wall Street and reasonable investors stay on the sidelines. There is a lot of uncertainty and management's silence only serves to excerbate this condition.

    In my view, Star management is not professional. Jonnie and Paulie are not competent managers to run a business. Their mishaps are plain to see. Even the latest discount devaluing yet another asset needs to create big concerns.

    So it is not so much the past but the future which is of importance. Bleating about studies, peer reviewed journals is meaningless. These are not yet monetizable events.

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    • To joe from joe... Lol you forgot to change your name drum/joe/nake/suez/zerobid!

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    • How do you figure a 2 for 1 discount ,seems to me it is 1 for 2. they did more testing and felt it was dependent on the weight of a person.Star wanting to fair and give a value for your hard earned $$$ gave you more pills for the same price,more value for your money !! Of course joe /.drumm are more experienced in this so maybe I'm wrong!!!

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    • Bump to top to remind the newcomers that Drum is Joe is Nak is Jill and others.

    • DRUM, YOU JUST OUTED YOUR SELF AS JOE!! HAHAHAHAHA NICE ONE LOSER!!!! ========================= joebernini • 7 minutes ago
      "Drummy's take on Star's Report

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    • Your concerns are valid but I'd like to know how many co's you have operated and how successful were they?

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      • Nor
        I can understand your question. I can tell you that I have been not just successful but amazingly so with two companies I operated one as the CEO and the other as a VP in charge of the APJ region reporting direct to the CEO. I will not name these companies on this MB but if you send me your e mail address I will inform you as I trust you will keep the info confidential. You will be extremely surprised as to which companies these were.

      • His "concerns" aren't "valid". Investors have expected a price decrease since they initially priced it.

        Put simply it is THE way one tunes the price (to maximize return) of what is not just a new product, but a whole new KIND of product (an anti-inflammatory with no side effects in most that can be taken continuously for treatment and prevention). This has been discussed here and elsewhere since the the product came out. I'd bet that, to a person, we were/are all amazed at how well it sold at the higher price. If one looks back at the discussions on this subject the fall of 2011 they bear that out. There was great concern for the "high" price. THEY (the co.) were right. It's been amazing.

        My "concerns" are for anyone who feigns stupidity on this point. I don't have time, but I'd bet some cash that if someone looks they'll find drumbutt saying the price was too high (and maybe too low and just right too).

        Try again, joebuss. You just keep looking clownier and clownier.

      • norbertdt,

        I am not sure who you are addressing your question to but it is irrelevant to the matters at hand.

        J B