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  • rick3568 rick3568 Mar 26, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Fed Case speculation

    Of course we dont know what the feds case is about, but since we dont know, I would love to know the opinion of the longs who think its no big deal. What do you believe the case is about? Do you believe that it really is trumped up for the shorts? I personally do not believe its the short attacking. Its one thing to pay off some BS law firm to write a PR, its quite another to involve the Feds.
    My best guess on this is that perhaps during last years tobacco "gag order" the feds believe that some discussions with the private investors went on. I base that only on the timing of this filing and the dates that are in the filings of the ambulances chasers (shareholders from Oct 2012 to Mar 2013. This is just a guess, I truly have no idea. 2006 is mentioned but perhaps that is just a reference to the relationship with the investor. I would have to dig up the timing on everything, but I recall that one investor got his warrants re-written for a $1 strike. Did those negotiations begin before the settlement was made public in the quarterly report? If so that would certainly tip the hat about the settlement. I dont recall the specific timing and will have to look it up but I believe that earnings were early Nov 2012 and that the warrants deal was announced a week later. One thing for sure, if it is nothing serious and they announce so quickly, there will be short blood on the street!

    My guess is I wont get a solid answer on this, just BS, but its just my thought that if you continue to buy this dip, then you must have a CONFIDENT theory about what this Fed Investigation this is about, and also that its nothing serious. I would love to hear from any lawyers or investors who have experience in this sort of thing. I would love to buy back down the road, but its just too risky for me until the facts come to light. Thanks

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