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    Paul Perito(hereinafter referred to as PP) is President and COO of Star. He has declared that civil suit against Star is without merit. What merit can investors attach to PP's statement? This merits the following analysis.

    You see, in addition to being the COO, he is also a Harvard Law trained lawyer and President of its Alumni Association. He also was a partner in a very prestigious law firm. So one would naturally assume that this highly credentialed individual at the ripe old age of 75 would have extensive highly placed contacts including those on the Hill.

    So ask yourself this: with all of those contacts and as a prestigious lawyer why wasn't he able to avert an investigation by fellow lawyers in the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District in Virginia? After all, we all know that it is who you know more than what you know that is more important. PP's value to Star is his legal background and Rolodex. So what happened? The great probability is that there is something that has been uncovered by the USA that cannot be swept under the rug. Further, Jonnie and PP have made enemies in high places especially wrt to the big T cartel who are known for their political connections and abilities to dig up dirt and get inside informers to blow the whistle. It's payback time and the USA you can bet is not gonna go away empty handed, and not by a long shot. Star's enemies play hardball and have the resources and contacts to accomplish their objectives. Just look at what happened with Judge Garbis. Look at what happened with mediation and settlement. There was just no way Star could win.
    All one can conclude is that PP was guilty of gross misjudgment in not realizing that no matter the merits of his suit, you can't fight City Hall and powerful interests. They will bury a small non-descript company like Star.
    Thus, where there is a stench of smoke, there is most probably some fire and you can bet that the USA's investigation will fan the flames.

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    • I have never in all my life seen a guy work so hard to attempt to sound smart. Its like watching a fat guy run stadium stairs. He would only do that under extreme duress. What is making you sweat so much fat guy?

    • Let me float some conjecture out there. If I were a smart lawyer, not conjecture, and I wanted to expose actions taken by a litigant in a legal action which was now subject to a non-disclosure agreement, how would I accomplish that? About the only way to air the laundry would be through involuntary compliance with a court order that mandated the production of the information. The custodian of the records sought is not always the subject of the investigation. This is conjecture, but I do believe that at some point, Mr. Perito was confronted by questions and offered the company's full cooperation with any investigation deemed appropriate, so long as any request was supported by proper subpoena. I cannot claim any knowledge of what will come of the investigation, but I do not believe that Mr. Perito has compromised his integrity. I do believe he may have invited scrutiny.

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    • (continuation)
      One could easily believe that your statements were made with the intention to harm Mr. Williams' reputation and shine a suspicious light upon him. Do you have any proof that you knew your statements to be true when you made them??

      If not, aren't there legal terms that are liable, as it were, to apply to your statements that could be, shall we say, very unpleasant?

      It would seem appropriate for you to cite proof, here, that you knew the truth of your statements when you wrote them (or even now) to dispel any appearance of your having published speech, the truth of which was not ascertained, that is potentially harmful to Mr. Williams' reputation ... would it not?

    • Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else has ANY verifiable clue as to
      what they may be investigating, as far as I know. If you do just
      what IS it?

      Star/Perito may WANT them to look into whatever it is. Not saying
      it's so, just saying YOU (apparently) DON'T KNOW.

      Do you have ANY verifiable material to indicate one way or the
      other ... and right off NONE of the BS published by Feuerstein
      (false accusation that Star's personnel made verifiable public
      statements that JH was involved in the HUMAN clinical trials of
      anatabine re thyroiditis) or these ridiculous fact-starved jackal
      attorneys will do.

      Further, you recently stated here that, "It is well known that
      Jonnie Williams has been served a subpoena in a US Attorney
      investigation because malfeasant and malodorous actions may have
      undermined the assets of the company and its owners whilst
      profiting at their expense."

      As far as I can tell, you have no way to prove that you knew that
      statement to be true when you made it. I can find no mention in any
      press from "either side" that states specifically that Mr. Williams
      has been subpoenaed for ANY reason "... in a US Attorney
      investigation ... of THE COMPANY ..." AT ALL. If you have such
      proof I'd LOVE to see it.

      You also appear to have alleged knowledge as to WHY the US Attorney
      was investigating: "... because malfeasant and malodorous actions
      may have undermined the assets of the company and its owners whilst
      profiting at their expense."

      The only noun in the sentence from which your statement is
      excerpted that can be referred to by "profiting" appears to be "Jonnie
      Williams". What information can you produce that proves that when
      you wrote thtohse statements (or now) you knew that (1) the US Attorney had
      actually subpoenaed Williams, and (2) that the reason for that
      action was that "... malfeasant and malodorous actions may have
      undermined the assets of the company and its owners whilst
      [Williams was] profiting at their expense ..."?

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      • How is your effen interest in star working for ya ? lol only a pompous axx like you would even show up after all you robbed from the public for nearly 20 yrs

      • Izof. Correct. We dont know. It just states officers (plural).
        Curious to me was that Star Scientific was also mentioned in the US Attorneys investigation. I wonder why the company would be named? Could perhaps that provide an indication about what this is about? Im definitely in the dark on this but I wonder if that means anything? For instance, Im wondering if this was an "insider trading" type investigation, then would Star the company necessarily be named? Perhaps, I guess, since it involved officers and the company stock but that seemed odd (and unfortunate) to me that Star the company was not left out of this.

    • I assume you are familiar with David and Goliath. Also the Big T executives lied before congress and they finally had to pay for it.

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      • Norbertdt,

        As you know, Slings are no longer being used...I don't think they have for a millenia. Using the David & Goliath reference could not be farther from VERITAS. Instead, what we have here, is very simple: Allegedly laws concerning securities may have been broken and if so, there's a price to pay. Someone or some people will have to face the music. We will find out.

        J B

    • Brother Drummy,

      I agree with you you to some extent for the suit is not just about settling certain turf issues, a vendetta or Big.T tit for tat cashing in political favors for past or future campaign donations. I hope not. I still like to think that Star new found esoteric legal woes are based on merit and terra firma.

      What I think the underlying problem here is what's under the shiny hood and the plethora of legal problems surely to quickly emerge as time ensues.

      If history is any guide, it has taught us that big brother watches from afar and often gives alleged criminals a leach long enough to hang themselves and then he pounces as might have happened in this case.

      I do hope PP has not committed any voluntary wrong doing, but giving his age and JW's past marred history he could have cajoled PP to involuntary servitude or some sort of under handed self dealing maneuver which landed everyone in boiling hot soup.

      Details will emerge and I do not think they are going to be good.

      Where is JW ? why has he not been heard from amid these troubles? Why has he not assured the investors he swayed to hand him their mullah for years that it's all going to be OK? and no one needs to worry? Why?

      Where is he?

      J B

    • Jill Pill is wetting her panties. You had her at Paul Perito====amazing dude==you are an excetionally intuitive and intelligent person. Cheers.

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    • I agree. Let the idiotes revel. They think they have escaped the big bad bears clutches. PP seems like an elderly powerless figurehead that is kept behind the(sleazy) barn, except for occaisions as this to confer a certain pedigree on an abject scam company. Kind of like---ummh Joe Biden, but lets not go there.

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