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  • cigx1967 cigx1967 Apr 4, 2013 4:11 AM Flag

    sums it up- Patrick Cox

    From Cox some takeaways
    Report entitled, Desperate shorter Attackers create Star buying opportunity.
    I should clarify that I'm really not that concerned about short-term stock prices, especially in regard to Star Scientific. The potential of anatabine citrate, the active ingredient in Anatabloc, has been validated by the completed thyroiditis study performed by a number of noted endocrinologists from Johns Hopkins Medical School, chiefly the director of endocrinology and metabolism, Dr. Paul W. Ladenson.
    The results of this study are simply stunning. Because this is a nutraceutical, however, Star cannot use words like “cure” or “treat.” If they did use that language, the legal status of the compound would then be shifted to “drug” status and would require full regulatory approval. This would be a tragedy for human health, as the actual announced preliminary results of the study are historic, providing the only hope for preventing or reversing thyroiditis and other autoimmune-related diseases.
    In other words, all the scientific markers of thyroiditis were decreasing and continuing to improve over time, even at low doses. This is simply astonishing. Nothing has ever produced these results before, and anybody at risk for thyroiditis would be crazy at this point, given two years of toxicity data from Harvard, not to use Anatabloc
    The importance of this product, however, is not specific to thyroiditis. We have other human data from the Flint diabetes study that showed a similar effect on adult diabetes. We also have dramatic reductions in C-reactive proteins, a marker for general inflammation, in obese smokers. What this means is that anatabine citrate treats autoimmune disorder, which is complicit in virtually all disease.
    So apparently, desperate short attackers have been rattled by the credibility that respected Johns Hopkins scientists have given Star Scientific. They include Dr. Patrizio Caturegli, assistant professor of pathology and endocrinology. You should read,

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