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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Apr 4, 2013 5:41 AM Flag

    Highest Reported Order # as of 0400EDT on 04 April 2013//How JW can/will kill the shorts

    [First, the below is a repeat from two days ago. So let's make this post interesting in a different way: I had to slog thru 10 pages of posts, of which 80% were grayed out due to my ignore list. THIS is a new record for the shorts injecting FUD into this board. So, IMO this is another sign that we are at the lows for this stock. When the shorts go to these extremes, they ain't got much left. And as I stated twice earlier tonight, those who think STSI is going under will have sold already. The remaining shareholders believe STSI has a future and there is no reason for those folks to sell at these prices.

    Now then, for part 2 of tonight's off-the-cuff discussion, I want to discuss what JW might have up his sleeve at this point. When several posters display their admiration for him, it's very likely that the majority of shareholders feel that way. So let's develop an easy scenario for JW to support his shareholders:

    1) We know he hates what the shorts have done to his company's stock.
    2) He also knows how high the short level is.
    3) Being of sound mind and sound body, let's suppose he's planning a partnership with BP
    or assembling a cadre of investors to take the company private so he can operate in private, without the shorts, and getting Abloc to a commercial success so he can then do an IPO at much higher prices down the road. Or some other tactic that will cause the pps to climb above the point where the shorts can easily cover. If JW is your man for CEO, then I would assume that he has some plan of attack against the shorts, given his enmity toward them.
    4) So what is JW waiting for? Well, here's the fun part: rope-a-dope the shorts into believing they have won the battle. Then pull the trigger when least expected. Your CEO in action!!

    Highest reported order #: 115200 [01 April at 1401EDT] [114991 at 0002EDT on 01 April]

    April total orders to date: 210 [N/A]

    April average daily orders: 359.7 [N/A] (divisor = 0 (days) +1401/2400 (hours) = 0.58)

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