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  • stockmarket200 stockmarket200 Apr 10, 2013 10:40 PM Flag

    Knee Replacement Surgery ---- I have a question --- Please

    My mom, who is around 70, is telling me she is going to have Knee Replacement Surgery. I don't want her to do this at all !!!!!!! Do you think or know if anatabloc would help her out. she "says" it is bone on bone. I want to send her a bottle. Thoughts out there please. Also, I am long on STSI, I don't care if I have to wait 3 years.

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    • I thought I would add some comments from experience. I had two knee surgeries in 1973 & 1974. Cartilidge removed first and severed ACL six months later. I was advised to have my knee replaced at age 40 by multiple orthopetic surgeons. I waited until last year when I was 55. I am very active but gave up running at 37 and began low impact exercise. I rode and continue to ride my bike daily. In any case, prior to my knee replacement, I was have difficulty walking without extreme pain. While the surgery is difficult, I have no pain walking and now walk five days a week in addition to riding five days a week. Abloc will not help bone on bone since that is what I had; however, I did begin taking Abloc last Nov to reduce swelling and general health. I took 2 tablets twice a day to start with and now I take 2-3 tablets in three doses daily beginning in April. After two months, I have absolutely no swelling in my replaced joint. I am taking about 6 other supplements and Abloc has replaced resvertrol for me. I would definitely begin taking it after the surgery since the swelling is enormous at that time. I wish I had know about it in Feb of 2012 when my surgery occurred.

    • see if she can go to surgeon who uses MAKO (robotic) - it should help her recovery time

    • She should do it! I had my total knee replacement last year and wish I had done it 5 years ago. Bone on bone here. She will have to do extensive p.t. after and plan on a good exercise program afterwards for life because the knee requires moving to be pain-free. I went off A-bloc for a few days before and after and resumed it -- per advice from a doc at STSI.

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    • Even if your Mom opts for the surgery, get her to take the Anatabloc too. It will help her recovery. My mom had both her knees replaced and still had to stay on pain meds. I'm no doctor.

    • A-bloc can not change a physical condition but a little or a lot of the pain may be helped by relieving associated inflammation. I was told that only surgery would help an abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal. Today, if i don't put undue strain on the area I'm pain free. i give all the credit to Jonnie and his team. No surgery for me if I can avoid it.
      Your mom's situation may be altogether different but if it were me I'd give A-bloc a good 3 to 6 month trial.

    • If I were in the same boat, I would give serious consideration to prolozone therapy - see youtubedotcom/watch?v=Kgt08j6jb8Q

    • My wife, now deceased, had knee replacement surgery. I, personally don't rec it. I would try synvisc injections first, and the many supplements which encourage the growth of cartilage. That could take 6 months. If this fails then I guess the surgery is indicated. There are lot of successful knees out there and if you decide on this, be sure to follow the rehab exercises faithfully, otherwise the surgery is sure to fail to give the results you want. The doc's are quick ti rec surgery, I wonder why?

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      • Prolotherapy can KEEP people from surgeries...may not help everyone, but it helps a lot...I had Prolo on my right shoulder 4 yrs ago and I'm hanging in NOT want those hip replacement did me in I'm doing all the repairs, Spinal Stenosis one of them and Abloc is helping that Spinal Stenosis....

    • from the anecdotal "evidence" I have seen and heard, "bone on bone" is something of a different challenge and the resulting pain is not caused by inflammation per se. So it could be something that a'bloc cannot help with at can't hurt to try a'bloc but you should set expectations appropriately. sorry.

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    • Bone on bone is dangerous and painful. Understanding your fear of surgery is palpable and personal. One can never suggest moving forward in either direction on a message board. Best advice is obtain a second opinion with a physician you may actually trust. Good health to you and your mom.

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