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  • repo_man_one repo_man_one Apr 22, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    The risks of Cortisone shots

    My wife occasionally has to take cortisone shots to relieve severe back pain due to an old injury.

    The Mayo clinic has an excellent web site discussing the risks of getting repeated cortisone shots if anyone is interested.

    Typically, doctors will limit the number of cortisone shots per year due to the associated risks.

    In addition, cortisone shots are highly targeted, meaning the shots are injected directly into the affected area. As a consequence, cortisone shots typically will not help pain or inflammation in other areas of the body.

    Given that Cortisone shots are typically directed at very specific problems, I seriously doubt Anatabloc is a substitution for a cortisone shot, just like taking aspirin or any other pain reliever is a substitution for getting a cortisone shot.

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    • Exampli Gratia, How Is Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Treated?

      Oral anti-inflammatory medications -- such as aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen, remain the most common treatment for impingement syndrome.

      The medicines are usually given for six to eight weeks since it often takes that long to fully treat the problem.You should do this under the care of a doctor because these medications can cause stomach irritation and bleeding.

      6 to 8 wks to treat systemically instead of targeted steroid shots to reduce inflammation. Anatabloc is the right choice. Speak to your own physician and the physicians at Star

    • repo, I'm no doctor or pharmacist, although I do like to self medicate with a cold beer, but my understanding is cortisone shots are given for 1 reason alone and that is to reduce localised tissue inflammation. If true then you would be much better off taking Anatabloc at the recommended dosage levels and intervals. Anatabloc works better to reduce inflammation than steroids and is safe for long term use. Plus there are a great many other benefits to reducing inflammation in other areas of the body.

      I had 1 cortisone shot in my life for a rotator cuff impingement that was causing me a great deal of pain. It didn't help.

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    • fyi, no shots for over 2 years now.

    • You may doubt it can be a substitute but for one who has had plenty of cortisone shots for a rotator cuff it works for me I haven't had the pain for over a year and a half. started CIGR-X in about may of 2011 and switched to anatabloc in august of 2011. Shoveling snow had always caused me problems with the rotator cuff but hasn't in the last 2 winters,WORKS FOR ME!!!!

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      • my buddy had to get cortisone shots at least every year, most of the time every 8 or so months till the pain became too much shots for well over a year and no pain whatsoever in his shoulder (bursitis)

      • Fjl1946

        Are you saying you no longer take cortisone shots?

        Given the risks associated with taking cortisone shots, I assume you are very happy about finding an alternative.

        I am happy you found an alternative, especially if you could stop taking risky cortisone shots, but my primary point was that cortisone shots are a very directed treatment, usually only given by a doctor when other treatments have not worked, whereas taking aspirin or any other oral anti-inflammatory like Anatabloc is directed at reducing overall inflammation within the entire body.

        In other words, just because someone is taking cortisone shots for a specific problem, that does not mean that person may not also be taking other anti-inflammation medication at the same time, for other reasons.