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  • skov47 skov47 May 6, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Why are sales dropping?


    I know the pill count is up by 50%, but if the product is so fabulous, it should be exploding upward after almost two years out there. It clearly is not. A miracle product would quickly spread by word of mouth. I tried Abloc and it didn't work for me. I think it helps for some, I just think it's effects are mild, at best. Again, this would be rapidly rising if it was really effective.

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    • Sales ist droppings? ACH!!!!!!!!!!!! Why ist happenings?

    • They aren't dropping. There has been a 3 fold increase in anatabine. First they doubled the dose, then they added 50% more to the botle. This 300% increase is being handled with actual positive growth, and all of this BEFORE major human trial results, or disease-specific results. Just one major disease could bring in more than 1 million new users and $1 billion in revenues. We are months away from major human trial results, and maybe just a few even weeks.

    • I know that skov47 will not appear again on this board, as it was just a new identity created by the same crowd of shorts to rile the longs. And it looks like it worked, to some extent (note all the replies).

      But I'll be glad to answer his bogus question about "Why are sales dropping?" First, please note that skov47 stated:

      "With the latest order number of 126,408 at a few minutes into May 7, this puts the daily order rate for May at 153 per day. Disgraceful. Orders are now officially falling off a cliff."

      1) There is no evidence that sales are dropping. For that, you'll have to wait for the release of the 10-Q for Q1.

      2) Skov47 is a dimwit when it comes to doing math. (In fact, aren't all shorts pretty much the same in that department?) He claims May orders are 153 per day, when in fact they are 225 per day. He's only off by 50%!! That right there disqualifies anything he has to say regarding Abloc.

      3) Per my previous post, two other factors come into play when analyzing monthly website sales data: volume of free orders and increasing percentage of revenue coming from GNC.

      4) Finally, the only time a valid criticism of Abloc sales rates is acceptable is when, 6 months AFTER the scientific journal articles have been published and disseminated to the medical field at large, there is no major bump in sales. If no major bump is seen after the studies become public knowledge, then the longs' argument is busted. But NOT until then. I, for one, look forward to the day where a doctor does prescribe anatabine citrate for some of society's most devastating ailments.

    • Skov,
      As the drug co's commercials say " it's not for everyone" I'm sure abloc will be of no benefit to anyone young and without any pain complaints. To everyone else who has mild or serious pains, arthritis etc it Will help if you adjust the dosage.
      Your remark that the effects are "mild" you are mistaken as most who have benefitted say it is dramatic and remarkable.
      Either you won't admit its benefits or don't want to.
      I am in the medical area and doctors who I have mentioned it to are taking it and prescribing it to their patients.

    • Another TROLL, this one born YESTERDAY. So, flippin OBVIOUS:
      skov47 13 posts | Last Activity: 1 hour 39 minutes ago Member since: May 5, 2013

    • "Sales dropping" LOL

    • what #$%$, where the hell do you get the idea that sales are slowing?

      Wait till they get reported, sales aren't,I doublt GNC would give STSI more shelfspace if the anatabloc products didnt work, now there are three products in GNC stores, This is more #$%$ from shorts just like all those idiotic law firms reminding us everyday that the deadline is coming,

      short are scared so they bring more BS out there to push their agenda...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I bet you're glad you can't see that cancer growing and multiplying inside of yourself either. Short away.