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  • seek_the_lite_2 seek_the_lite_2 Jun 25, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Why tivonomo is wrong again about Anatabine causing pneumonia [ or anythin else]

    natabine could not cause pneumonia. In fact it may very well cause a faster clearing of the lung infection.

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    • I was not wrong about anything.

      You lose credibility when you intentionally misquote what I've said.

      Meanwhile, you talk a lot about what anatabine does when there is no science to substantiate your claims. Only theory.

    • Sorry this part failed to print:
      There is very good scientific reason for faster wound healing, and even wound healing on conditions that previously would not heal. This includes rosacea, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. And that reason is because the skin is a vital part of the immune system. And Anatabine citrate regulates underperformance as well of over reaction of the immune system. Anatabine over time regulates the immune system back to it's intended NORMAL functioning. It is truly an immune system modulator in the full sense of the word. And it does it without side effects.

      Anatabine is not an immune suppressant like the drugs given to guard against organ rejection for example, but does correct the out of control immune system production of inflammation. It does not interfere with the normal immune reaction to infection and bacteria other than to boost an underperforming immune system to successfully attack them. If the above is not true, then we would be hearing about not only unsuccessful treatment of immune ailments but also wounds, burns, infections,and etc taking much LONGER to heal.

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