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  • tmf1955 tmf1955 Jun 26, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    Patrick Cox

    Just resigned his position at Agora Financial, citing that he would be better off investing in some of his recommendations, which he could not do employed at Agora Financial. Interesting, don't you think?

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    • Ist bad things comes? Was ist coxing knows?

    • (SPECULATION: [verstehen? capiche? comprende? comprends? etc.] )

      13 06 26 Patrick Cox Resigns Agora so can Invest

      Fascinating. Thanks to contributors powerwalker [VIP MB] and tmf1955 and riprising here.

      Just think. You're a writer/researcher who's aging and has found a pharma technology, Anatabloc, that helps you, and you know thousands of others, with health and the problems of aging.

      You can't invest in ithe company that makes it due to your employment agreement.

      Let's say you have growing reason to believe that company is about to really rock the world with an announcement a few months down the road. You're at retirement age. You want to protect your financial position and be able to live out your life comfortably with financial assurance. Quit and invest is for sure what I'd do under that circumstance.

      Now, just what might be that upcoming event that "you" have reason to believe will happen? Well, Star long term investors know of one possibility, and we've been writing about it for a long time. I've said many times that Dr. Mullan has seemed to have an irrepressible smile as he assumes his mum stance whenever asked about using anatabine in ameliorating Alzheimer's. That trial, for now, is supposed to end with the year. Perhaps now is about when one would quit so as to dig into the market and get some shares. Just speculation, of course.

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      • A most opportune time in terms of the current share price, I would say. He was strongly recommending investment in STSI at three times the current share price, and no one (myself included) imagined a chance to buy shares at $1.25. So I think this radical decline in share price helped to push him over the edge on his decision to resign from Agora.

      • If by stating that it will end "within the year" for Alz trial you mean by June/July 2014, yes perhaps, but if you mean end of 2013, I dont believe so. Based on the enrollment for Alzheimer trail to date, I have to wonder if it will be completed by year end. Enrollment was only about 30% as of May 2013, and it has been going on for 9 months as of May 2013. We will know more on enrollment after August 10-Q but based on data released on enrollment so far, I do not project a completion at the end of 2013 but mid/late 2014. That means if they publish the data it could be end of 2014 or early 2015 before we hear anything on the Alz trial results.

      • Excellent post iz !

        Read the tea leaves investors, read the tea leaves.

        Nobody is going to take your hand and draw it on a computer screen for ya to explain it to you. If Patrick Cox's announcement isn't the biggest tell that you'll ever get in your life time, I don't know jack. Combine this development with your own personal experience with Anatabloc and what've you got? At $1.25 it's a "back up the truck moment" !

        How many of these are you going to find in your lifetime?

        IMHO, yes read the tea leaves.


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      • Roskamp is literally 5 minutes from me in Sarasota. He ain't talking, that I know.

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    • probably they fired him

    • Is there there a link or was it through a newsletter email of his?

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      • A Personal Announcement

        As you know, Agora Financial doesn't allow analysts like me to own the stocks that we recommend. While I complain about this policy incessantly, I also recognize that it is a very legitimate way to deal with widespread conflict-of-interest issues in the financial research business. The other strategy, of course, is full disclosure, but that wasn't Agora's choice.

        So I've decided that it's time for me to join my readers and start investing in some of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I've been writing about for over five years now. My colleague Ray Blanco is going to take the Breakthrough Technology Alert ball, with help from an impressive team that you'll hear about soon. I'm going to join you, the investor class, in a matter of weeks.

        Incidentally, Ray and I were friends and neighbors researching disruptive technologies before we began writing here, and we'll continue doing so in the future. I value his perspective and superior investment analysis skills immensely. I'll be passing on anything I can give him to continue and improve this newsletter, which I'm sure he will do.

        Nevertheless, after this month, I'll be giving up any and all responsibility for the contents so that I can put my money where my mouth has been. On a personal level, I'll be focusing my research more narrowly on emerging and effective life-extending technologies -- as I would like to avoid senescence and death for as long as it is practical.

        I hope, however, that we don't lose touch. I'm going to miss my readership enormously, so I plan to continue that contact in whatever way the company allows. For example, I'm going to be speaking at the annual Agora Financial conference in Vancouver this July and hope to see you there.

        Yours for transformational profits,

        Patrick Cox

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    • Yes indeed, very Interesting.

    • where did you see that?

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    • Put your money where your mouth is.


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