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  • seek_the_lite_2 seek_the_lite_2 Jun 27, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    More on tvio

    Today and all this week he has been all over the MB posting his lies and deceits and twisted facts so as to be negative. And he announces in a post that he will be buying at tomorrows late trading. Well, we now add manipulator to his titles.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Nothing I posted was a lie. The facts are accurate and conclusions I make are reasonable.

      Couples has not been more successful on ABloc. Maybe his Nf-Kb level is lower but his performance at golf has not been as good since last summer.

      Anti-inflammatories are linked to higher pneumonia risk. That is a fact. Yes, they are also used in the treatment of the disease.

      Isner and Couples have had eeriely similar exits from their respective sporting events. Couples had back pain act up on his first hole last August. Isner had his knee act up early in his first set yesterday.

      I can see these all as negatives that would make me reconsider taking ABloc and recommending it to loved ones. I wouldn't want grandma to be more at risk to pneumonia next time she enters a hospital. And if I were an athlete, I'd look at Freddy and Isner and not see what the big deal is about ABloc.

      Those testimonials by the brand ambassadors are very negative for this product when both show significant early match problems with their inflammation that was supposed to be helped by ABloc.

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      • "Nothing I posted was a lie. Anti-inflammatories are linked to higher pneumonia risk. That is a fact."

        Tell us, please, how you went from stating the above 3 statements to CONCLUDING that "it was obvious that Abloc caused Chipper's pneumonia."

        Taking skinny 'facts' and turning them into one big FAT lie. That's the name of the game you play, Ann. What more can be said about one who distorts facts and presents them as truth?