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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Jun 29, 2013 5:55 AM Flag

    Highest Reported Order # as of 0530EDT on 29 June 2013

    [And so we carry on with a repeat of yesterday's data. As June winds down, the plan is to track online trades until Q2 sales data are released and explained. If, as expected by some longs, the volume of sales for Abloc has significantly increased with the GNC stores while dropping for online sales, then the reasons for keeping up with daily reports on Abloc sales disappear. Recall that the last figure provided by management was 51% having come from GNC. Ann Nomo has previously declared that this percentage is pretty much set in stone, as initial buyers of Abloc don't change their buying patterns once having established their preferred method of purchase.]

    Highest reported order #: 137009 (26 June at 1217EDT) [135387 at 1100EDT on 17 June

    June total orders to date: 4958 [3336]

    June average daily orders: 194.4 [202.7] (divisor = 25 (days) +1217/2400 (hours) = 25.51)