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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Jun 30, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

    Highest Reported Order # as of 0001EDT on 30 June 2013

    Highest reported order #: 137385 (28 June at 0501EDT) [137009 at 1217EDT on 26 June]

    June total orders to date: 5334 [4958]

    June average daily orders: 196.0 [194.4] (divisor = 27 (days) +0501/2400 (hours) = 27.21)

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    • These are disappointing numbers. And a caution to even myself. Every anecdotal story of Anatabloc sales in GNC stores we ever heard on this board did not prove out with actual quarterly sales numbers. If the recent stories prove true when 2nd quarter revenue is released, it would be the exception.

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      • Yesterday, one of my relatives called to inform that her neighborhood GNC store (Edgewater, NJ) offered 2nd bottle 50% off. So, her husband purchased all three bottles that GNC store had. She was not sure whether her husband got the 3rd bottle also at 50% off. In any event, it was a good bargain.
        In the recent past she went to her doctor for some physical complains. After some testing the Doctor diagnosed her illness as "Mononucleosis" and said that some antibody has developed (whatever that means), which is a good sign. He then asked her what medications she was taking. She said for her Fibromyalgia, she is taking Anatabloc. The Doctor immediately said that it's a good supplement. Apparently he knows about Anatabloc. She asked the Doctor if that antibody, which have developed, is due to Anatabloc. The Doctor responded, "May be".

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      • IMO, many Anatabloc users have switched to GNC from Anatabloc site or other web sites, where they get a better deal. For example, all my recent friends are buying from GNC for convenience and sometimes for better deals. Yes, 2nd quarter revenue will shed some lights.

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