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  • izof_texas izof_texas Jul 10, 2013 4:06 PM Flag


    "Then why is the stock price in the $1.50s after 10 plus years? Why are daily orders pathetically tanking? July is off to an alarming start. Why is the short position so high? Why is the USA investigating? If the product is so good why did Jonnie find it necessary to play political footsie? Why the gag order? Why the secrecy and lack of CCs?"

    Guess I'll spend a few minutes (it's been a while) addressing your (endlessly repetitive) "remarks".

    Amazing your convenient forgetfulness.

    The company as a pharma concern is only 3 years old as far as products go (as you know), and was first whispered of (effort begun) just 6 years ago ... as you KNOW, but, uhhhh, guess you just forget for the moment, as your distortion-mill mind is want to do.

    The stock's price (as you well know) is a result of the exit from the tobacco business (Star's ONLY business until 3 years ago ... THREE years ago), plus relentless attacks by short interests (that the exit afforded). The exit point and mode brought less income to Star than someone named drumbuss expected when he predicted $40/share for STSI "soon", in late 2008. What an idiot! (You cannot help but agree!) Do I need to repeat your posts again for all to see??

    I was roundly disliked by drumbuss at that time for my trying to bring his wild predictions, and his boundless ego (as the newly minted STSI guru), back down to earth. I was roundly disliked by some long in the stock then for the same reason. Goes with the territory.

    Williams has promoted his company as many enthusiastic CEOs do (by giving legal gifts and other attention to pols in the state of company residence), and cannot be criticized for doing so. It's just smart business. Happens in VA and TN (remember you in Sawville?) ... and everywhere else.


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    • The true is that JW is not financing the governor to help Star but for personal reason.
      But this damage Star,because people does't like that political men receive money.
      And also the product image is obscured more than continuing to produce and sell cigarettes.

    • And there you have it folks, the truth and nothing but. SI down 400,000. I guess they are using that stock up already.

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      Demonstrably, ALL of "that" is about THE POL'S failure to report the gifts appropriately. It's that simple. Legal gifts, unreported by stupid pols. The whole story. End of story. "The USA" is investigating the pols in that matter, NOT WILLIAMS. Williams is not only not "at the center of" those investigations, nor the "targeted businessman" as the hit pieces say, but is in NO WAY involved in them AT ALL.

      The "law suits by shareholders" so oft mentioned (there are two or three such known so far ... people who bought no more than a few thousands of shares held for days or a few weeks, apparently for the sole purpose of filing suit) are "the result of" sham "charges" by short interests and their supporters, such as AF. They wrongly charge that Star misinformed investors about the relationship between Johns Hopkins and the research on anatabine ... in which JH DID INDEED participate, in the pre-clinical setting.

      I'm a Star investor. Somehow, I was not misinformed BY STAR about the relationship between Johns Hopkins and the anatabine research and Star.

      Why not? Simple: I paid attention, I read what was printed by Star, and what, in contrast, was written by others, and I ... ***I*** ... had absolutely NO trouble telling the difference between them! GENIUS??? No, JUST CONSCIOUSNESS! Anyone who couldn't tell the difference ... apparently that includes AF ... is not (conscious).

      So tell us, genius: just how is anyone going to prove that Star misled investors in that respect, about that relationship, when there are so many of us who have understood perfectly all along, by simply reading and being conscious? Have you, or has anyone, ever seen an actual quote of statements or other material from Star personnel that stated or implied that JH participated in any human clinical trials? I'd love to see it if so.


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        After the tobacco exit, I personally thought the Stock would level out at about $2, which it probably would have if it weren't for the short attacks. And yes, a small but significant part of that vulnerability has to do with a couple of incidents in Williams' distant past.

        I find it continually fascinating that you hoot and holler here daily about that, and yet that VERY SAME PAST was extant at the very same time when YOU were here, in this same place, hooting and hollering daily about what a GENIUS Williams is (and of course, by association, you too) ... and of course how you and he were "buds" ... and how YOU recommended that everyone "load up the truck" with THIS stock for $40/share.

        And here we are once again. I'm addressing a deceptive, egotistical idiot who has predicted everything for this stock from $40/share to zero, and all in between, and, therefore, considers himself "right". I AM TRULY LOL!

        As to "sales", you nor I have any real idea what sales are doing, what with the changing way the products are distributed and sold.

        However, the selling of Anatabloc "cold turkey" publicly is a measure mostly to establish the well chosen brand name, and, later, to avail the product immediately to those interested in it by the results of human clinical trials, the expectations for which are rightfully optimistic (due to an "interim look" or two), but which are not yet published, simply because such things take longer than a few weeks or even months.

        I don't recall YOU decrying (as did I) the ridiculously early predictions for their publication when made by certain writers (one had "Flint" out in summer 2011 ... before the Anatabloc product), and yet you take advantage of that poor ... no, ridiculous ... reckoning by guessers, like you: you now call the trials "late". Yeah, they're late, as reckoned by idiots like you.