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  • sharkriver100 sharkriver100 Jul 18, 2013 11:49 PM Flag

    How much anatabine in a cigarette?

    Any one know? would like to understand a possable full dose based on what a heavy smoker got.

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    • I could actually tell you how much anatabine is IN a cigarette ... in the tobacco, but that is not the question you really want answered. What you really want to know is how much anatabine is ABSORBED/delivered (on average) to the user by a cigarette.

      Then again, you also would want to know another answer ... to the question of how much anatabine is delivered/absorbed (on average) to the user orally by an Anatabloc.

      Here's what the CigRx web site used to say (but I can't access it now ... did they shut it down??)

      (this from google) "This product is intended for consumption by tobacco users, and the amount of anatabine in each lozenge is similar to what a smoker would get from one ... [cigarette] "

      However, does that actually mean to say that each lozenge DELIVERS a similar amount (orally) to the user? That would be what I would ASSUME it means.

      IF so, then I do know that the amount of anatabine citrate in a CigRx is 1/3 mg, and 1 mg in Anatabloc.

      Then 1 Anatabloc = 3 cigarettes, and 6 Anatabloc = 18 cigarettes (about a pack). This is how I have answered the question in the past (mostly for myself : )

      HEAVY smokers are probably 2 packs or more a day. Two packs = 12 Anatabloc, apparently the currently recommended dose per day.

      This is I think the best we can do with what we know. I also think that, because of the way this reasoning seems to relate well with anatabine from smoking and anatabine citrate dosing, this has some likelihood of being a pretty good guess.

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      • I will reiterate that (apparently) the reason heavy smokers don't get the kind of benefits from anatabine due to smoking as Anatabloc users do is because the ratio of nicotine to anatabine in smoking delivery is from 90 to 99 or more to one. Thus (because they both compete for the same chemical receptors in the body) anatabine's big nasty brother wins out in the receptor capture race hands down.

        Interestingly, though there is actually less anatabine AVAILABLE in smokeless tobacco, apparently more is absorbed/delivered, which I have theorized accounts in part for the popularity of smokeles tobacco use in sports, especially the one, baseball, with grueling schedules (demanding quick muscle recovery). I think that benefit was/is an unconscious driver for its use by so many baseball players, as well of course was/is the increase in concentration and "stimulation" due to nicotine.

        The combination of nicotine and more anatabine might be "quite something" in sports .... if you know what I mean.

        Indeed the study of Anatabloc (anatabine citrate) use in heavy smokers showed that a big increase in anatabine intake benefits even them.

    • This seemingly simple question turned out to be surprisingly difficult to answer and I only found a partial answer in an hour of searching.

      So here it is, 2 small puzzle pieces from searchable published research:

      1. anatabine in a sampling of tobaccos = 500 to 600 micrograms per gram of unburned tobacco

      2. 'average' cigarette has about 0.7 grams of tobacco

      Significant sources of variation:
      amount of tobacco in different cigarettes,
      amount of anatabine in the smoke after combustion,
      amount of anatabine absorbed in a given smoker's average inhalation.

      Make of it what you will. I will be most interested to see any additional information that readers may discover. Ubu.

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    • Don't know what a smoker would get out of a cigarette, but, it may get very interesting if an anatabine "e-liquid" were to be released for use with the "e-cigarette".