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  • joebernini joebernini Aug 12, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    IS IT: Innocence, Ignorance or Impotence? Part One

    Stella Amore’s ticker symbol continued its summer trading behavior last week. Up a little, down a little…meandering… strolling… not in a hurry to get anywhere. The end of the week found her about where it began… and her bag holders’ exuberance a bit lower. Yes a bit lower, because the Q2 E R, was worse than they had expected in private, but of course it is being glorified in public in order to save face.

    That clunker seems to have a shiny and bright coat of paint but under the hood there lies many a problems. Did I say Clunker? Sure did. Clunkers are are no strangers to Stella Amore’s Bus Driver, we all know he is very familiar with them. He’d definitely know more about them than all of us here combined. Why be falsely modest about it? Unless, IZOF_ZOMBIE SEXLESS has been much acquainted wid’em too, in which case I’d stand corrected.

    The bag holders however, are using these lazy, hazy days of summer to falsely convince themselves and everyone else, how great the Q2 numbers were including improved sales of ANDADABLOKK lozenges/pills flavored/unflavored while simultaneously ignoring, the up seen rise in marketing costs to deliver such numbers as well as the deployed trick to achieve them (33% more quantity per bottle- without increasing the price) hence, without any significant improvement to the economy of scale. Clearly this business model is not working.

    Overlongs can sugar coat this all they want but in my views they are going up a river without a paddle. This is something that justifies immodesty. One of the OVERLONGS (maybe CHIP can do it for them- Bless his heart; we will check his math, not that we don’t trust him but we’ve seen some of his fuzzy math before) should calculate the cost per lozenge and per bottle in Q2 after he’s taken out (Non-recurring expenses such as LEGAL) and let’s see what they can conjure up, they would be quiet surprised, the cost is unsustainably too high!

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