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  • cardura9 cardura9 Aug 28, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    November options @ $3.50 ?

    Was curious why the higher than normal option interest at $3.50 for November Expiration?

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    • I took a look at the Nov call option action for the 29th (Thursday), and found an interesting bull spread on STSI: someone bought 200 of the Nov 2.0 calls and sold 200 of the 3.0 calls, for a net debit of 25 cents, or a total of $5000 spent. So the breakeven point is $2.25 and the maximum profit per spread is $0.75, or a total of $15,000.

      I also saw 390 of the Nov 2.0 puts trade at 25 cents (they were sold), bringing in $9750, a bet that STSI will be at $2 or above come Nov OPEX (Nov 16th).

      Amazing what you can do if you have some spare margin to use to support such trades. More importantly, it tells me that SOME people are spending sizable sums on the future of the STSI share price. That is the information that is worth considering when deciding whether to follow suit on any STSI option position. Why November? Why is $2 a key level for option trading? Does it mean anything or nothing? Up to you ....

    • Wrote one before yahoo dumped it. Said why not $500 of Nov $3 or $3.50 calls could make you
      $10000 to $70000 easy after release and publication of thyroid study. 1000 on jan $5 calls could
      make you $200 grand or more. It is gambling. It costs 20 grand to buy 10000 shares which you could
      loose. It costs $500 for 100 $3 dollar calls that let you control the shares for 2 and a half months.
      All you can loose is $500. Lets see if this posts.

    • Guess what, maybe shorty knows. Writing on wall. Value in changing lives.