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  • mdeangee mdeangee Sep 2, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

    Question on the silence

    Does everyone here believe we need the federal investigation completely finished for Star to release any material press release? It has been awfully quiet and I find it quite strange that Star doesn't have any press release worthy info to announce. Any thoughts?

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    • On tonight's news there was yet more revelations of additional gifts (trips, golf outings, hotel stays, etc) that were also unreported by Gov McDonnell. It's seems these gifts keep falling out of the woodwork. Now the Governor's excuse for not reporting them is that he was 'ignorant' of the law. He just didn't know what he was supposed to do. So, the federal attorneys have asked the governor's attorneys to meet with them by Sept 15th, at which time the federals will spell out the legal alternatives they are prepared to offer.

      Many VA residents, including the governor, are asking that the federal attorneys hold off until the VA election is held a few weeks after the 15th before announcing those options for McDonnell, since doing so might taint the campaigning for the election. And no governor wants to be forced to resign before his term is up.

      My opinion: I doubt the federals will hold off for that long. What happens, happens. Why would they be 'nice' to McDonnell when he has played fast and loose with the rules of holding elected office? Is he really that ignorant, or did he just think he could get away with accepting all these gifts without anyone taking notice? He's got chutzpah, if nothing else. I say he'll be out of office in less than 3 weeks, after which there will be an election, after which the air will clear for JW and STSI on that matter. So, our wait continues ... IF this issue is the cause for any delay of release of a study.

    • Many, many corporations have problems with illegalities, the fact is the product and the corporation are immune to any criminal behavior by its officers. Thats what amazes me about the people on this board, just so concerned about gossip, criminal or otherwise. It really does not matter. Steve Madden ran his company from prison. BP screwed the gulf of mexico up and never looked back. It was just a buying opp.

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    • No.