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  • stsinomo stsinomo Sep 3, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Why longs want Tiger

    These false rumors started here about Tiger starting ABloc due to his friendship with Freddy are bizarre.

    But I understand why longs want this to be true.

    Isner and Couples are nice celebrities but not really huge successes while on ABloc. Isner struggles in the majors and Couples fails to dominate the Champions Tour like he did in his first year.

    Longs are desperate for a true success story that gets ABloc noticed. And Isner and Couples aren't getting ABloc noticed. But Tiger surely would.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • "Longs are desperate for a true success story that gets ABloc noticed."

      Desperate is an over-reach on your part, which is par for the course coming from you. But part of the long's thesis on STSI is that a true success story that will get Abloc noticed is indeed coming: not in the form on a new brand ambassador, but in the form of one or more scientific publications describing the true success story of Abloc's effect on a variety of ailments and body inflammation.

      Like many of us have said repeatedly on this board, if the studies don't appear, then we disappear. Your sideshow efforts to take a single poster's overblown pump on Tiger, which the longs called him on, do indeed show desperation. On your part, not ours.


      ONE PERSON posted a falsehood and you and I and others got on him about it, deservedly. PERIOD. It's OVER. Don't try to make something out of it that is isn't.

      "Longs" did not do it, as your post seems to try to imply. Naturally IF it were true "longs" would like that ... because three brand ambassadors are better than two, as well as his high visibility, BUT IT'S NOT, and there's no great grief over it except for deploring the act of posting false "information".

      Your fixation on this trivial subject shows a bit of desperation. You ought to try to hide that a little better.

    • You continue to be an idiot...You continue to suggest that "failure to dominate" or "struggles in majors" is dispositive. And yet you say Isner and Couples are nice celebrities? I think you're frustrated that they ARE "nice celebrities"And Isner and Couples ARE getting Abloc noticed. There are dozens of professional golfers (regular and senior tour) and tennis players who have failed to dominate,and have struggled in majors, yet are spokesmen/advertisers/billboards for a wide variety products. Good to know that you agree that Star has two of the nice ones.....

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      • Most sponsors don't want "brand ambassadors" that aren't successful on the big stage. They simply aren't as valuable.

        Freddy at least has won a major... some 20 years ago. Isner doesn't look like anything better than an also ran.

        Call me an idiot if you want. It has no meaning coming from you. You are the idiot since you've convinced yourself that success isn't important.